Facebook Bans Infowars As Rapper Who Posted Child Porn to Instagram...

As Facebook targets pages for removal who post politically charged content, a rapper who used their platform to upload child porn is reaching millions.

Secret Report Reveals How Israel Used Armed Drone to Kill Children...

Israel’s use of the technology to kill Palestinians, says the families’ attorney, raises “many questions concerning human judgment, ethics, and compliance with international humanitarian law.”

Politician Who Pushed for Gun Control Laws, Arrested for Murdering Partner...

A politician who called for stricter gun control laws has now been charged with murder and accused of shooting and killing her former campaign manager.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Admits to Committing and Continuing to Commit a...

Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo admitted to breaking a law that people are fined and arrested for every year, and nothing happened to him.

Government’s Own Report Shows Tax Dollars Spent in Afghanistan Have Boosted...

A report from the U.S. government admits that after spending $8.62 billion to eliminate opium production in Afghanistan, the U.S. actually contributed to it.
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Horrifying UN Report Details Widespread Child Rape by High-Level UN Employees

A deeply disturbing report by the United Nations details rampant sexual exploitation of children by UN officials across the globe.

WATCH: Cops Set Up “Bait Truck” In Low-Income Neighborhood To Entrap...

Chicago police have been accused of entrapment after setting up a bait truck in a low income neighborhood full of expensive goods that were easily accessible.

Lord Jacob Rothschild Issues Warning: The New World Order is in...

Lord Jacob Rothschild has issued a warning this week noting that the current economic and political climate is threatening the "post-war economic and security order."

Federal Court Orders Removal of Popular Pesticide After EPA Ignored Studies...

The Ninth Circuit blasted the EPA for failing to follow federal guidelines and ordered the agency to ban the pesticide chlorpyrifos.

Left and Right are Begging for Nazi-Style Censorship to Stop Their...

To stop the flow of information they disagree with many on the left and the right are begging to be forced into silence by tech giants and government.