Feds to Unseal Epstein Documents Revealing Scope of Billionaire’s Int’l Child...

In a bombshell ruling, a Federal Court has moved to unseal documents in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal that may reveal evidence of an international child sex trafficking operation.

Mainstream Media Finally Admit Venezuela Aid Trucks Torched by Protesters—NOT Maduro’s...

US Vice President Mike Pence said that “the tyrant” Maduro “danced as his henchmen...burned food & medicine.” But he was lying.

State Lawmakers Propose Legislation to ‘Repeal’ the Second Amendment

This is not the first time Democratic senators in Hawaii have called for congressional action on guns and gun violence.

NSA Quietly Shuts Down Mass Cell Phone Spying Program Exposed by...

Since it's unlikely that the US government has kicked its addiction to surveillance, one can only imagine that the NSA has moved on to bigger and better technologies to keep us all 'safe.'

Billionaire Pedophile Privilege: Press Blackout Suggested for Epstein’s ‘Orgy Island’ Hearing

Attorney Alan Dershowitz has requested that media be banned from the Jeffery Epstein hearing to protect "sensitive information."

US Trucks Supposedly Carrying ‘Aid’ to Venezuela, Full of Nails and...

The Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza, showed the world this week why they are not accepting ostensible "aid" from the US.

86 Years Ago, Hitler Carried Out a “False Flag” Showing How...

Today is the anniversary of one of the most pivotal false flags in history as Hitler burned down Reichstag and blamed it on his political enemies so he could seize total control of the country.

Federal Judge Just Ruled that Prosecutors Under Trump’s Sec Labor, Broke...

In a bombshell ruling, a Federal Judge has ruled that the prosecutors who gave billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein a sweetheart did, broke the law.
body camera

Revolutionary Bill Will Force Politicians to Wear Body Cameras to Stop...

A revolutionary bill will force all elected officials to wear body cameras while conducting public business to directly combat corruption.

BBC Producer Comes Forward with Syria Bombshell—Sarin Attack ‘Hospital Scene was...

A producer for the BBC network just came forward claiming the hospital scenes after 2018 Douma ‘chemical attack’ were staged.