Secret FBI Program Now Jailing Activists for Speaking Out Against Police...

An innocent man's life is in shambles after he was targeted and arrested by the FBI for a Facebook post speaking out against police brutality.

Conspiracy Theory? Politicians & Corporations Admit to Paying Actors to Show...

A political campaign and a corporation have admitted to using paid actors in order to fill the crowd with supporters at events.

WATCH: John Bolton Promises Room Full of ‘Former Terrorists’ the US...

The National Security Advisor, John Bolton, was recorded on video telling a known extremist group that the US promises to help overthrow the current regime in Iran.

City Slaps Burn Victim with Violation for Not Mowing Lawn While...

After a homeowner was sent to the hospital with severe burns when a natural gas explosion damaged his home, the city threatened him with fines for not mowing his lawn.

War On Cash Goes into Full Effect — Purchases Over $10,000...

As government attempts to track every purchase to increase their power, Australia is spearheading this war on cash by outlawing any purchases in cash over $10,000.

Elderly Retired CIA Analyst Dragged from Senate Hearing for Exposing Gina...

A highly decorated retired CIA analyst was forcibly removed by a half dozen cops as he attempted to expose the crimes of the nominee for Director of the CIA, Gina Haspel.

Senate is Confirming a War Criminal as CIA Head—And They Won’t...

As members of Congress vote to confirm Gina Haspel as the next director of the CIA, the majority of her record and her experience overseeing illegal torture programs remains classified.

Congressman Exposes ‘Secretive’ USDA Experiments that are Incinerating Hundreds of Kittens

A Freedom of Information Act request has revealed a secretive USDA experiment going on in Maryland in which hundreds of kittens are bred for their feces only to be incinerated weeks later.

Doctor For Billionaire Sex Slave Ring NXIVM, Charged for Conducting Horrific...

The doctor who has been accused of forcing NXIVM members to take part in horrific human experiments is finally facing charges after previous allegations were ignored.

Rand Paul Exposes Congress’ Plot to Give President ‘Unlimited’ Dictatorial Power...

Congress is about to entirely relinquish what little checks and balances they have to prevent the office of the presidency from waging unlimited and unchecked war around the planet.