Convictions Thrown Out After Police Caught Paying Labs for Positive DUI...

A judge has ruled that the practice of state forensics labs receiving financial compensation for positive tests that lead to DUI convictions is unconstitutional.

High-Level Judge & Fmr Trump Campaign Chair Pleads Guilty to 21...

Judge Tim Nolan of Kentucky just pleaded guilty to horrifying crimes against nearly two dozen children many of which he threatened with jail if they chose not to submit.

Scientists Blast FDA, Warn That a Ban on Kratom Would Cause...

While the FDA pushes for a ban on kratom, a group of scientists is arguing that if it is labeled as a Schedule I drug, opioid-overdose deaths will only continue to increase.

Staunch Anti-Prostitute Congressman Busted Using Taxpayer Money to Buy Escort

A representative—who advocated for harsher and cruder penalties for prostitutes—has been caught spending government money to fund sex with an escort.
rand paul

‘There is No Conservative Party’: Rand Paul Proves Both Parties are...

Rand Paul called out Republicans for becoming the definition of "intellectual dishonesty" by supporting the same spending increases with a Republican in office that they condemned when a Democrat was in office.
body camera footage

Court Orders Release of Body Cams in Vegas Shooting While Ignoring...

A judge has ruled that police must release the Body Cam footage, 911 calls and other records from the night of the Last Vegas shooting—but the release of Mandalay Bay's surveillance footage has been ignored once again.

Cops Chase Down, Arrest Bank Robber, Then They Find Out He’s...

A North Carolina Sheriff's Deputy was arrested this week for bank robbery. He robbed a major bank just hours before he was scheduled to go to work as a cop.

Afghanistan War Spending, In 2018 Alone, Could End US Homelessness—TWICE

While the United States government spends $45 billion on the 17th year of the Afghanistan War, it ignores the fact that just half of that money could be used to virtually end homelessness in the U.S. annually.

It’s Official: News Will Now Come ‘Directly from the CIA’ as...

The revolution will not be televised. Or, at least, it will be the revolution that is supposed to happen according to the CIA.

Failure to Clap During Government Speeches is Now Considered Treason in...

Failure to applaud the ostensible achievements of the White House is not only unpatriotic according to the president, but it is now tantamount to treason.