NJ Voters Furious As Governor Prepares To Sign a Law That...

“Every time you think there’s nothing left to tax, we come up with something else,” Assemblyman Hal Wirths.

Beef Industry-Backed Laws Make it Illegal to Sell Plant-Based ‘Meat’ Products...

Bills across the country, proposed and sponsored by the beef industry are setting out to wage war on their competition in the plant-based and lab worlds.

WATCH: TSA Disgustingly Molests Triple-Amputee US Veteran and Purple Heart Recipient

Shocked by the treatment of the most severely wounded airman in US history, the online community shamed TSA and united to express support for the veteran.

Unprecedented Gun Confiscation Hits US as Thousands Of Guns Seized from...

As politicians claim they aren't coming for your guns, over 1,700 citizens have had their guns confiscated in 2018 and this number is likely far higher as many states don't report it.

WikiLeaks Tweets Army Manual Detailing How US Weaponized Banking Cartel to...

The "U.S. Coup Manual" details how financial institutions like the World Bank and IMF are used as "financial weapons" used by the US to bring non-compliant nations to their knees.

Cop in Raid that Left Couple Dead, Suspended Amid Questions Over...

One of the officers who was involved in the raid that left a married couple with no criminal record dead has been suspended amid a storm of controversy.

DOJ Now Investigating Jeffrey Epstein’s Special Treatment from Lawmakers

After a bombshell report from the Miami Herald, the Department of Justice has launched a probe into convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and why he got such a sweetheart deal.

Mainstream Media Finally Figures Out US and Saudi Arabia Arming Al-Qaeda...

It only took CNN a decade to finally discover the US-Saudi Arabia pipeline of weapons that flow into the hands of our ostensible enemies.

Man Sentenced to 30 Years for Biting Police Officer, As Child...

A man who claims he bit an officer in self-defense was sentenced to 30 years in jail last week as a cop who admitted to raping a child gets probation.

Investigating Cop Who Tasered Little Girl in the Back is Now...

Asking for an outside investigation into the cop who tasered a little girl in the back is now akin to shooting police officers according to the officer's union.