Bruce Lee Teaches an Immeasurable Life Lesson Using Only Four Words

While many revere Bruce Lee as a master of the martial arts, far fewer are aware of the deep philosophical underpinnings which served as a base from which these skills arose.

The Power of Knowledge: Harvard Debate Team Loses to Prison Debate...

A privately funded program of prisoner education is getting incredible results, not only are prisoners winning national debates, but they are staying out of prison once released.

Watch: Undercover CIA Agent Explains How US Foreign Policy Creates Terrorists

The cause of terrorism is far more than "they hate our freedom."

‘Drug War has Failed’ Governor to Pardon Thousands of People Convicted...

The governor of Vermont just took one of the boldest actions against the drug war possible -- moving to pardon those arrested for a plant.

Any Questions? ‘This is Your Brain on Drugs’ Actress Comes Out...

Rachel Leigh Cook remakes her famous "Brain on Drugs" video and this time it has a far more powerful message about the war on drugs.

Heartbreaking Leaked Audio Catches Border Agent Joke as Migrant Children Cry...

At least 10,773 undocumented children are held in detention centers in the United States, up from 8,886 just one month ago.

Obama Could’ve Ended Homelessness in DC for a Whole Year With...

In the 'Land of the Free' the citizens are fleeced by their rulers so the rulers can go on elaborate luxury vacations costing upwards of $250,000 an hour.

A Humanitarian Crisis is Unfolding at #NoDaplProtest and The Media is...

A humanitarian crisis is unfolding as thousands of water protectors face not only police violence, but a brutally cold winter. Here's how you can help.

Police Horse Dies After Cop Leaves Him Tied in Stall with...

A Denver PD officer left his horse tied up for 16 hours overnight with no food and water. The officer wasn't charged and only docked a single vacation day.

They Were ‘Grilled Alive’: US Govt Exposed Running Nazi-Like Torture Program

The US is once again facing allegations of torture, this time during the interrogation of detainees in more than a dozen secret prisons in Yemen.