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Bitcoin is the People’s Currency

Bitcoin, everyone’s favorite online cryptocurrency, has taken the world by storm. It’s easy and practically free to use, almost instantaneous, doesn’t lose its value to inflation like government-controlled currencies, and has a healthy degree of privacy and anonymity. Best of all, Bitcoin makes agorism (economic activity deliberately outside of state …

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Things You Don’t Say in Polite Society

 By Jonathan Goodwin Bionic Mosquito I was listening to a podcast by Keith Preston at Attack the System regarding the question “Who are the Power Elite?”  If I recall correctly, I found this podcast through the good efforts of Charles Burris. In this podcast, and I will paraphrase as best as I can, Mr. …

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LAPD Cops Stood Down Minutes Before TSA Shooting

Officers guarding area where Ciancia began attack went AWOL Paul Joseph Watson LAPD officers assigned to the area where Paul Ciancia began his shooting spree targeting TSA agents at LAX Airport stood down minutes before the attack began, leaving for breaks without informing their dispatcher as required. “Departmental procedures …

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