Family Removes Alexa Devices After a Stranger in Another Town Heard...

"I'm never plugging that device in again because I can't trust it," a homeowner said after her Alexa sent an audio recording from inside her home to a stranger.

Google Employees Now Quitting As Company Joins Pentagon, Becomes Part of...

Google employees are now quitting in protest of the company's contract to develop a controversial drone program for the Pentagon.

New Data Shows Police State Facial Recognition Is WRONG Over 90%...

New data shows that an overwhelming majority of the people targeted by police facial recognition are innocent, and the departments continue to use the faulty software.

Gov’t Just Gave Foxconn License to Drain 7 Million Gallons a...

The technology manufacturing giant, Foxconn has been given permission to drain 7 million gallons of water a day from Lake Michigan to use for free in their factory.

E-Waste Recycler Sentenced To Over A Year In Prison For Fixing...

A computer technician has been sentenced to prison for selling restore disks for computers after he was targeted by Microsoft for allegedly taking away from their profits.

19 Questions Mark Zuckerberg Strangely Couldn’t Answer During His Senate Hearing

Here are all the questions Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg backed out of or couldn't answer during his Senate hearing this week.

23 Child Advocacy Groups Find YouTube ILLEGALLY Spying On and Tracking...

Nearly two dozen child advocacy groups have formed a coalition and filed a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission alleging that YouTube is illegally tracking the online activity of small children in direct violation of COPPA.

85% of House Committee “Questioning” Zuckerberg Next Week Has Been Given...

As Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg prepares to be questioned by a House Committee, a report from USA Today shows that the overwhelming majority of the members asking the questions have received money from the social media giant.

EXCLUSIVE: Cops Confiscate Innocent Dad’s Guns, Kidnap Son — for Trolling...

A college student was arrested, forced to stay in a mental hospital, and his family was targeted by police after he was accused of making anonymous comments about mass shooters on Reddit.

Kids Illustrating Dismal Effects of Being Raised on Social Media as...

First it was reports of kids eating Tide Pods, now the internet is being bombarded with videos of teens snorting condoms—all in an attempt to gain temporary social media fame while putting their health at risk.