Kids Illustrating Dismal Effects of Being Raised on Social Media as...

First it was reports of kids eating Tide Pods, now the internet is being bombarded with videos of teens snorting condoms—all in an attempt to gain temporary social media fame while putting their health at risk.

The Personal Data Google Has on You Is Shocking & Dwarfs...

Google keeps a record of every search you've ever done and deleted, every image, every where you've been, every email, every app, every video, every voice command, as well as any other information tied to its services.

Whistleblower Testifies Facebook Listens to You EVERYWHERE—Here’s How To Stop It

We now know what Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, puts tape over both his camera and his microphone—his own app is able to listen to you at home and at work.

Google Just Partnered With Mainstream Media to Wipe Independent Journalism Off...

The “new media” monopolists of Silicon Valley and the once-dominant traditional print media have clearly agreed that the “fake news” frenzy is a convenient pretext to step up their censorship of the internet through new algorithms, allowing them to boost their profit margins and silence opposition through a new framework of “algorithmic censorship.”

Horrifying Video Shows Israeli Military Target Civilians with Chemical Weapon Drone

For the first time, Lebanon-based Al-Mayadeen TV released new dramatic footage showing Israeli forces using a weaponized drone against a Hamas rally in the Gaza Strip, according to the Times of Israel.

Entrepreneurs Invent City Bench that Absorbs More Air Pollution Than a...

A team of hard-working entrepreneurs and scientists have developed a paradigm-shifting solution to air pollution that combines living organisms and sophisticated computer technology to provide a self-sustainable biological air filter.

How to Find Out if Someone’s Been ‘Stalking’ You on Facebook...

While there is no app that will tell you that you have a stalker, Facebook's algorithm makes it as easy as going to your own profile pages and scrolling down until you see your friends' photos.

Obama AND Trump Insiders Blow Whistle, Reveal Facebook ALLOWED Them BOTH...

Both the Barrack Obama and the Donald Trump campaigns engaged in social media warfare—in which Facebook participated—to insidiously mine your private information for political gain.
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Snowden: Facebook is a Surveillance Company Lying to the World About...

Snowden had this to say about Facebook. "Their rebranding as 'social media' is the most successful deception since the Department of War became the Department of Defense."

Google Caught Red-Handed Censoring Search Results Asking Questions About Parkland Shooting

When searching for terms that challenged the official narrative of the Parkland shooting, the results on Google varied drastically, compared to other search engines.