Congress Blasts Labor Secretary for Letting Billionaire Child Trafficking Pedophile “On...

Light is finally being shown into the dark space that is the special deal given to billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein by the current Labor Secretary of the United States.

Mom Charged With Crime Because Her 3yo Son Couldn’t Hold It...

An eight-month pregnant mother couldn't get her son to the bathroom in time, so he peed where he stood which caused a nearby deputy to charge the mom with a crime.

State Passes Bill To Seize Guns Based on Entirely ‘Unchallenged’ Accusations,...

Officials in Colorado have passed a disturbing law that will allow police to confiscate people's guns based solely on unchallenged accusations from others.

State Upholds Law that Men Can Rape Women if They Withdraw...

A decades old law, that has allowed countless rapists to walk free, states that a man can use violence against a woman if she tries to withdraw consent from sex.

Internet Lashes Out at Cops After they Arrest ‘Hero’ for Stopping...

A good Samaritan caught a 17-year-old male raping a 5-year-old boy so he stepped in to stop it. After the heroic act, however, he was arrested for assault.
common core

State Senate Committee Unanimously Passes Bill to End Common Core

The legislation would terminate Common Core standards and replace them with the courses of study for math and English language arts previously in place.

Cops Shoot Teachers ‘Execution-Style’ With Pellet Guns in Insane School Shooting...

Teachers testified that they left the training with welts, bruises and abrasions as a result of being shot with the pellet guns in a somewhat overzealous attempt at realism.

Taxpayers to be Held Liable After Cops Bulldoze Unarmed Man to...

After police officers were found to be justified in using a bulldozer to turn a man into human road kill over marijuana, his family is now suing.

NZ Police “Happened to Be in a Training Session” When Mosque...

Police in New Zealand happened to be holding a drill in the city center when the shooting began, just miles from where the massacre unfolded.

Federal Judge Bans Healthy Children from School for Being Unvaccinated

Entirely healthy children have been banned from school and treated like modern day lepers because they are unvaccinated.