Cities Now Threatening Jail Time and Fines for Kids Over 12...

Tyrannical local laws threaten fines and even jail time for kids going trick-or-treating past a certain time or older than a certain age.

As People Rot in Jail for Tiny Bits of Weed, Cop’s...

An Ohio crime lab director’s son was running a massive grow operation and was caught with 44 pounds of weed. Following his conviction he was given probation.

Governor and Attorney General Candidates Arrested With 48 POUNDS of Cannabis

Candidates for local office were caught with 48 pounds of cannabis and claim that their arrest was politically motivated.

Scientists Accuse DARPA of Genetically Modifying Insects for Bioweapon to Spread...

A scathing report was published in Science Magazine this week that accuses DARPA of developing a bioweapon that uses swarms of modified insects to deliver viruses.

Trump Can Now Text Every Single Citizen Directly—It Starts This Week...

This text program was created under Obama and like all spectacular acts of tyranny, it is being used on American citizens by the following administration.

Grandfather and Grandsons Detained by Officer, Kicked Out of Park for...

After visiting the grave of their deceased father and son, a Virginia grandpa and his grandchildren were kicked out of a park for drinking Kombucha.

TSA Furious as LA Bucks the Feds by Allowing Citizens to...

The TSA will rat you out to the police if you are caught trying to fly with weed, but as long as you abide by state laws, the police will leave you alone.

MSM Using Kavanaugh Sex Scandal to Distract You From Real Reason...

While the claims of sexual assault may be harsh, Judge Kavanaugh should have never been appointed in the first place as he's an enemy to liberty.

Dumbing Down America: Teacher Fired for Not Giving Students Partial Credit...

A teacher was fired after she refused to abide by school policy of giving students 50% grades despite them doing zero work.

Murders and Rapes Increasingly Going Unsolved as Cannabis Arrests Surge—Despite Legalization

New research shows cannabis arrests are on the rise at the same time over half of the United States have legalized cannabis in some form or another.