On This Day in 1942, US Authorities Began Locking Up Americans...

Today is the 77th anniversary of the signing of the executive order which allowed the internment of Japanese Americans — in concentration camps on US soil.

Congressional Analysis Reveals Shutdown Cost Twice What Trump’s Wall Would’ve Cost

The government shutdown political theater has cost Americans $11 billion, which happens to be twice the amount requested for the wall which sparked it.

Cops Brag About 6-MONTH Undercover Sting to Seize Glass Weed Pipes—Internet...

Police openly bragged about a six-month long undercover sting to bust a gas station who legally sold glass pipes out in the open.

California Governor Calls for a Tax on the Very Water Citizens...

Communities throughout the state struggle with dangerous pollutants in their supply, but opponents of the suggested tax say there is no need to tax residents in order to solve the problem.

Top FDA Official Blows Whistle as Agency Approves Drug 10X Worse...

“The lack of insight that continues to be exhibited by the agency is in many ways a willful blindness that borders on the criminal.” — top FDA official.

New Bill Forces Citizens to Install Gov’t Software and Pay Porn...

Lawmakers have drafted a bill that will require ALL DEVICES to run government software which will block ALL content deemed 'obscene' by the state.

Innocent Child Harassed, Threatened by Cops for Shoveling Snow Without a...

For shoveling snow in his grandma's driveway without first asking the state for permission, a child was harassed by police and threatened with a citation.

Denmark Economists Tell US Politicians to Stop Referring to Them as...

Democratic socialist politicians in America keep referring to Denmark as a successful implementation of socialism, but Denmark says they aren't socialists.

Border Security or Tyranny? 66% of Americans Already Living in ‘Constitution...

"Our own government is now the greatest threat to our safety, and there’s no border wall big enough to protect us from these ruffians in our midst."

New Bill Will Fine Parents $10,000 for Smoking With a Child...

To combat the problem of second hand smoke, lawmakers will soon be levying insane fines on parents who get caught smoking in their cars with kids.