Man Arrested After Police Mistake Dead Grandpa’s Ashes for Heroin

When a man crashed a car into a ditch, police arrested him and seized a bag of cremated remains from his glovebox, claiming it was heroin.

FBI Arrests Cop For Selling Drugs—On Duty—From His Own Patrol Car

A police officer was caught selling a multitude of drugs, sometimes meeting buyers in his patrol car or near the police department.

On 4/20, Opioids Will Kill Over 100 Americans As The Cannabis...

While 4/20 celebrations take place across the country, more than 100 Americans will die from an opioid overdose that could have been prevented if they had access to cannabis.

Police Go Undercover for Months, Spend Thousands to Bust FSU Quarterback...

Tallahassee Police Department raided Deondre Francois' apartment, starting QB for FSU, all to bust him with a tiny bit of weed.

Nine Major Studies Reveal DARE Program Actually Makes Drug Problem WORSE

DARE has been around for decades, despite the fact that every single study done on the program has shown that it was ineffective at best, and counterproductive at worst.

State Sets Massive Precedent, Makes Big Pharma Pay to Fix Opioid...

One state is suing opioid manufacturers and distributors to pay for the creation of mental health clinics and opioid abuse treatment programs.

New Memo to Prosecutors Reveals Law Allowing Gov’t to Execute LEGAL...

Jeff Sessions' latest memo pushes prosecutors to seek the death penalty against drug dealers, including the ability of the government to execute owners of completely legal marijuana businesses. Seriously.

Thanks to Marijuana Being Illegal, People in Illinois are Now Bleeding...

Thanks to the prohibition of marijuana a synthetic chemical compound is being sold in its place and it is causing horror movie-like side effects like bleeding from the eyes.

Before US Troops Protected Poppies In Afghanistan, There was No Opioid...

While the United States controls more than 90 percent of the world's opium supply in Afghanistan, the rate of Americans who are addicted to heroin and who have died from drug overdoses has skyrocketed.

Innocent Mom Jailed for 5 Months As Cops Mistake Vitamins for...

Had this innocent mother been wrongly accused of the same crime of trafficking opioids today, she could have very well been executed according to the administration's new policy.