New Report Shows Selfies Kill 800 Percent More People Than Cannabis...

The most dangerous thing about having cannabis is the chance of police killing you over it or locking you in a cage.

Canada’s Pot Legalization Comes With a Hefty Dose of Police State...

Recreational cannabis legalization in Canada is expected to become reality in 2018, but not without distinct limitations and the continuing possibility of fines, jail time, or both.

WATCH: Cops Hold 5 Innocent Children at Gunpoint for No Reason,...

Grand Rapids police are being sharply criticized for holding a group of children at gunpoint in a case of mistaken identity gone horribly awry.

Federal Prisons Caught Bonusing Themselves Millions Despite Epic Abuse & Corruption

Top officials at the Bureau of Prisons received $2 million in bonuses, even as they ignored rampant sexual harassment and medical staff shortages.

DEA Just Admitted It Lets Drugs Into Communities & Pushes Them...

In a recent House Committee Hearing, the DEA director tacitly admitted to being involved in major drug trafficking on a national scale.

Cops Release Ominous Intimidation Video, Facebook Immediately Compares them to ISIS

The Lakeland County sheriff's department has put out an ominous video showing deputies in ski masks poised to intimidate, but Facebook isn't buying it.

Hooded, Handcuffed, ‘Violated’: Cops Force Catheterize 3yo Boy, Man for Drug...

In the war on drugs, police are employing forced catheterization, a technique suitable for Nazi Germany — and they're torturing children too.

Cops Forced to Apologize, Give Back Pot After Raiding Man’s Home...

The man was able to use a new version of Affirmative Defense to show that his cannabis was medicine, and sent the cops away.

Dear Donald Trump: You Can’t Fight the Opiate Epidemic WITHOUT Legal...

Donald Trump would serve the public well in recognizing cannabis as a solution to America's opioid epidemic and not as an enemy.

Cops Brag About Arresting Woman for Pot on Facebook as they...

A Florida cannabis advocate is arrested with six edibles, all the while nearly 14,000 rape kits remain unprocessed.