Town Elected Convicted Child Rapist as Fire Chief, So America Fired...

Spartansburg, PA elected a convicted pedophile as their fire chief. The mayor voiced her support for the firemen’s decision to appoint the pedophile as their superior. But a national outcry from good people had an amazing effect.

BREAKING: Julian Assange Granted Ecuadorian Passport – Reports

Assange’s ID was issued on December 21, Ecuadorian outlet El Universo reports, citing “reliable sources” and providing the civil registry number to check on the government website.

BREAKING: Multiple “Officers Down” in Colorado Shooting, Shooter Still At Large

Multiple officers are reportedly "down" after a shooting occurred at an apartment complex outside of Denver, suspect is still at large.

Assange’s Twitter Mysteriously Vanishes After Seth Rich Hint, WikiLeaks Raid, &...

Following a Tweet in which Julian Assange hinted that Seth rich was the source for leaked Clinton emails, WikiLeaks was raided and Assange's Twitter has vanished.

BREAKING: Anonymous Hacks ISIS Accounts Finds Attacks Planned for US, Bomb-Making...

Sources within the Anonymous hacking community have hacked multiple ISIS associated accounts and found damning information.

Disturbing Body Cam Shows Cop Murder Unarmed Mentally Ill Man With...

An Oklahoma City police officer has been charged with 2nd-degree murder for killing an unarmed mentally-ill man on video.

What We Know About the Murderer in Texas Who Killed 26...

A man identified by local media as Devin Patrick Kelley—dishonorably discharged—has gunned down 26 people and injured at least 20 more.

BREAKING: At Least 27 Dead in Mass Shooting in Texas Church

Several people have been shot after a gunman opened fire inside a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, authorities told media. The shooter has been killed by police.

The Beginning of the End: NYPD Says Rape Charges Coming for...

The New York Police Department said one of its two investigations into Weinstein is nearing its end - and that it's preparing to arrest Weinstein on charges of rape.

Video of NYC Terrorist Instantly Released—Still No Video of Vegas Shooter...

Video, travel history, personal information, and investigation details into the NYC terror attack have all been released—still nothing from Vegas.