BREAKING: Mail Bomb Suspect Arrested in Connection to Sending Bombs to...

Federal agents have arrested and detained a suspect in connection with a string of suspicious mail packages sent to prominent Democratic and left-wing figures.

BREAKING: 5 Police Officers Shot, School Locked Down in Active Shooter...

Two police officers and three deputies have been shot in an active shooter situation that took place in South Carolina Wednesday afternoon.

BREAKING: Facebook Admits it was Hacked, 50 Million Accounts ‘Access Tokens’...

Facebook admits security breach affected 50 million accounts – attackers stole Facebook access tokens that they "could then use to take over people's accounts"

BREAKING: Citing ‘Adverse Conduct’ Police Finally Fire Amber Guyger for Killing...

Claiming that officer Amber Guyger "engaged in adverse conduct when she was arrested for Manslaughter," the department finally fired her.

BREAKING: Flood Waters Breach Power Plant Dam, Toxic Waste May Be...

On Friday, floodwaters breached the dam at a retired coal power plant in North Carolina with reports toxic ash, containing mercury and arsenic leaking into river.

BREAKING: Airplane Quarantined in New York as 100 Passengers Reportedly Fall...

The CDC has quarantined an entire airplane at JFK airport after more than 100 passengers fell ill, the counter terrorism team from the NYPD is also on scene.

Investigators Admit Victims in Texas Shooting Could’ve Been Killed by Police...

Authorities in Texas made a telling admission on Monday, noting that it is indeed possible that some of the victims of the Santa Fe High School shooting could've been killed or injured by police.

BREAKING: Some Body Camera Footage of Las Vegas Shooting Finally Released

After seven months and a supreme court battle, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police have finally began releasing video from the officer's body cameras who breached the room of Stephen Paddock.

Former New Jersey Cop Busted in FBI Sting, Charged with Child...

A former New Jersey cop who was considered a fugitive from justice has been captured and arrested following an FBI sting on multiple counts related to child sex trafficking.

Five Fast Facts You Need to Know About the US-Led ‘One-Time’...

As the United States provokes what could be the start of World War III, here are five damning facts explaining what is really going on in Syria.