Royal Family Implicated in Billionaire Pedophile Scandal as Court Case Begins...

Prince Andrew has been dragged into Jeffrey Epstein pedophile scandal as pic of him with underage victim is listed as exhibit at new court case.

Not Just Catholics—Jehovah’s Witnesses Ordered to Pay $35 Million for Covering...

A court found the Jehova’s Witnesses guilty of covering up child sexual abuse within the church, explicitly denying the involvement of police.

One of America’s Largest Egg Producers Caught Using Child Slaves—Given to...

One of the largest egg producers in the country was caught using immigrant children as slave labor after they were "lost" by US officials.

Catholic Church Found to Have Spent Over $2 Million Lobbying To...

The Catholic Church was caught lobbying against "The Child Victims Act" which would have helped victims of sex abuse more easily seek justice.

Not Just Catholics, Rabbi Exposes Rampant Child Sex Abuse by High-Level...

A Jewish whistleblower who is also a Rabbi set out to expose a horrifying network of pedophilia among top level Jewish clergy just as bad a Catholics.

Archbishop Accuses Pope of Sex Abuse Cover Up, Reportedly Flees Country...

The archbishop who exposed the pope for allegedly covering up sex abuse in the church has reportedly gone into hiding, noting that he fears his life is in danger.

In ‘Historic Bombshell’, Vatican Official Accuses Pope of Covering Up Sex...

A high-level Vatican official just released an 11-page testament explaining how he told Pope Francis about the abuse of children years ago, and he covered it up.

Detective Publishes Book Exposing High-Level Gov’t Pedophile Ring, Shot in the...

Nine days after a former police detective published a book exposing a high-level government pedophile ring that murdered children, he was shot in the head.

Report Finds 100 Priests in One City Ran Horrific Pedophile Ring,...

Nearly 100 Catholic priests have been accused of hosting a pedophile ring in which they created child pornography and helped each other prey on children.
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Horrifying UN Report Details Widespread Child Rape by High-Level UN Employees

A deeply disturbing report by the United Nations details rampant sexual exploitation of children by UN officials across the globe.