‘You Lie, You Die’: Cops Admit to Lying About Raid that...

There was never a drug buy at the couple's home, no informant ever claimed to see heroin and the entire raid was based on police lies.

WATCH: US-Born Moms Kidnapped, Interrogated by Officers for Speaking Spanish

Two innocent mothers, born in California and Texas were detained and interrogated by border patrol agents in MONTANA because they were speaking Spanish.

Cop Sentenced to Just 6 Years for Murdering Teen Boy Beaten...

Former Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke who murdered Laquan McDonald, was placed in general population this week where inmates apparently recognized and then beat him.

WATCH: ‘Don’t Shoot Him!’: Cops Disobey Sgt, Shoot Two Unarmed Men...

A man was sleeping in the passenger seat of a van when two officers disobeyed their sergeant and began shooting him.

Six Cops Open Fire On Aspiring Young Rapper Sleeping in His...

An aspiring young rapper was tragically executed by six police officers while sleeping in his car in a Taco Bell parking lot.

‘Quit F***ing With Me Boy!’ Cop Attacks and Chokes Innocent Dad...

An innocent father who was holding his 9-month-old baby was racially insulted and then attacked by a deputy who was clearly ignorant of the law.

WATCH: Cops Accuse Innocent Woman of Stealing Her Own Car, Smash...

Police accused an innocent woman of stealing her own van and proceeded to handcuff her and violently assault her.

SHOCK VIDEO: Cops Torture Dad in Front of Kids, Taser Him...

A horrifying video has surfaced capturing a police officer torturing a man with a taser, hitting him 11 times, including in the testicles.

Multiple Studies Show Nearly HALF of All Police Families Experience Domestic...

Startling data from multiple studies show that police officer families experience domestic violence at four times the rate of everyone else.

Cop in Raid that Left Couple Dead, Suspended Amid Questions Over...

One of the officers who was involved in the raid that left a married couple with no criminal record dead has been suspended amid a storm of controversy.