WATCH: Cop Shoots Hero in the Back for Trying to Stop...

A hero stopped what was quickly unfolding into a mass shooting and then a cop shot him in the back for it.

Woman Calls Police for Help Who Showed Up and Killed Her...

A woman called police after she found that she'd been robbed, when they showed up to her home, they killed her service dog.

Man Sentenced to 30 Years for Biting Police Officer, As Child...

A man who claims he bit an officer in self-defense was sentenced to 30 years in jail last week as a cop who admitted to raping a child gets probation.

WATCH: Oath Breaking Cop Attacks Innocent Marine Vet for Filming Him

A cop became so enraged by a man practicing his first amendment right to film that he attacked him, handcuffed, and detained him.

Investigating Cop Who Tasered Little Girl in the Back is Now...

Asking for an outside investigation into the cop who tasered a little girl in the back is now akin to shooting police officers according to the officer's union.

Police Shoot Mentally Ill Veteran in the Back, Multiple Times, Stand...

“Common decency demands that the police not merely stand by while a person endures the pain of serious injury."

Criminally Negligent Cops Claim Tide Detergent is Heroin, Kidnap and Cage...

A completely innocent man fell victim to a drug war-addicted cop who mistook Tide detergent for heroin and threw him in a cage for weeks.

Body Cam Catches Cops Claim Innocent Man’s Cellphone Was a Gun...

For walking down the street with a cell phone, an innocent man was shot by the police who then attempted to fabricate a story to justify their shooting, according to an attorney.

School Cop Arrested for Blindfolding and Brutally Raping 6-Year-Old Girl in...

A school cop who was supposed to be investigating sexual abuse against a little girl, instead kidnapped and brutally raped her at school.

Cop Hailed as ‘Hero’ Until Video Showed Him Shoot Man 13...

A cop was given the department's highest honor for the brutal slaying of a mentally ill man, but the video shows his actions were far from heroic.