Badge Abuse

Sorry Massachusetts Cops, You Can No Longer Search People if You Smell Weed

The Free Thought Project August 4, 2014   In July, Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court said that because voters decriminalized small amounts of marijuana in 2008, police officers in Massachusetts can no longer rely on the odor of unburnt marijuana to justify searching a person’s car. In 2011 it was ruled that …

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Cop Who Killed 3 People and Shot Innocent Man, “Re-Instated” After Being Fired

The Free Thought Project August 3, 2014 Rob Roche is the epitome of everything that is wrong with police in America. Seconds after an Oakland Police Officer shattered Scott Olsen’s skull with a lead-filled munition, Officer Robert Roche threw an explosive teargas grenade at persons who were attempting to come …

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