Badge Abuse

California Cops Forcing the Homeless to Participate in Drug Training Exercises

CA Cops to Homeless: Be our guinea pigs or be arrested     The Free Thought Project Cassandra Rules July 2, 2014 Participants in the CA Drug Recognition Evaluator Program (DRE) are reporting that they have been forced to participate in this testing or otherwise face arrest. The California Highway …

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More Drug War Ridiculousness, Cop Mistakes French Fry for Weed

“It was a french fry, not weed” July 2, 2014 The ludicrous “war on drugs” violates another person’s rights. Semi-famous rapper, Joe Mugga, was out with some friends when Fairview Township Police officer, Michael Bennage pulled him over for a burnt out license plate light. As he was reviewing Mugga’s …

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Bill Would Allow Police to Confiscate Guns Based on Accusation Alone

California’s AB 1014 labeled most draconian gun control legislation in the country Paul Watson July 2, 2014 A draconian gun control bill set to be voted on by the California legislature would allow police to confiscate a person’s firearms solely on the basis of an accusation made against the …

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