Badge Abuse

Multiple DC Cops Caught on Camera Breaking the Law. No Worries, They are Above the Law

Openness and Transparency are among the most powerful weapons the citizenry has against those who claim to uphold the law while simultaneously desecrating it. May 22, 2014 Cops in DC are being caught on video running red lights and not paying any fines. Metropolitan Police Department says that the officers …

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Jacksonville Implements Orwellian Police State, Going to 18,000 Homes Looking for Drugs and Guns

The Free Thought Project John Vibes May 21, 2014   This week, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s office announced that they would be installing new security cameras around the city and knocking on more than 18,000 doors, without warrants, as a part of an initiative called “operation ceasefire”. Sheriff John Rutherford, Mayor …

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This Guy Just Used the Jedi Mind Trick on a Cop….And it Worked!

May 21, 2014 No one in their right mind should deliberately get a cop to pull them over. However, this guy has some experience with Neuro-linguistic Programming. As a novelty, NLP is used to “hypnotize” members of an audience and and have them do funny things. Self-proclaimed hypnotist and magician, …

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