Badge Abuse

Cops Fake Illegal Drug Checkpoints to Detain and Search Drivers who React to the Sign

In Mayfield Heights, Ohio, checkpoints to search for drugs are illegal, so the crony cops have decided to try another way to violate the peoples’ freedom from unreasonable search; fake drug checkpoints. The sign says it’s a drug checkpoint but it’s not. (Courtesy of Bill Peters) According to, police …

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Cop Illegally Breaks into Family’s House, Assault and Kidnap Mother in Front of her Children

 By William Norman Grigg  Pro Libertate Blog “See – this is what happens when you don’t cooperate with the police!” snarled Neil Uhrig as he pinned Melissa Miller to the floor of her home. It’s not clear whether  Officer Uhrig was expressing satisfaction at the expense of the traumatized woman, or …

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