Badge Abuse

Police Issued Hand Held Facial Scanners, “If you are not a criminal you have nothing to worry about”

According to 7 News San Diego,  The Chula Vista Police Department (CVPD) is now using special facial recognition technology accessed via computer tablet. “This particular tablet has software downloaded on it to allow a police officer to do a facial recognition assessment,” explained CVDP Roman Granados.   But fret not, …

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DHS Funds 1984-Style Total Tracking System, Your Every Move is Now Subject to Review

1984 is here. Funded by DHS, Seattle has instituted a network of wifi boxes that can track every move that you make. As you walk down the street you can actually see the boxes visually and on your phone showing up as wifi hotspots. Department of Homeland Security funded the …

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Cop Caught on Video Beating his Daughter for “Eating Carrots” Department Covers it Up

This monster, Jeremey Yachik, brought his police brutality home. According to police records and the witness’s video, because his daughter “Ate Carrots,” he punched her, kicked her, and threw her around as a punishment. This monster even confessed to routinely physically force feeding his daughter to eat ghost peppers whenever …

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