WATCH: Cop Denied Immunity For Killing Unarmed Naked Veteran Suffering from...

A judge has denied an officer's request for immunity, noting that he was not acting in self-defense when he shot and killed an unarmed, naked veteran.

WATCH: Cop Runs Over a Child for Improper Light on His...

Disturbing video shows a Sacramento police officer run over a child with his cruiser who was riding his bicycle without a front light.

WATCH: Unarmed Dad Murdered by Cops in Front of His Kids...

For not having the proper driver's license when he tried to bring a stray dog to a shelter, an innocent man was killed by police in front of his children.

Deaf 76-year-old Woman Knocked Unconscious and Arrested Over Alleged Jaywalking

A 76-year-old deaf woman was accused of jaywalking by a California cop who then savagely attacked her for not understanding his commands.

Taxpayers to Be Held Liable After Video Shows Cops Execute Mentally...

A mother has filed a federal lawsuit after she called 911 for help with her mentally ill son and cops showed up and killed him instead.

87yo Great-Grandmother Tasered in Her Breast by Police While Cutting Dandelions...

A great-grandmother who was out cutting dandelions with a knife was tasered by police and arrested because she couldn't understand what they were saying.

WATCH: Cops Assault, Arrest Man for Exercising His 1st Amendment Right...

An otherwise entirely innocent man was assaulted, thrown to the ground and arrested by cops after he used his free speech and said "motherf*****" to a police officer.

WATCH: Cop Stomps Handcuffed Man’s Head, Stands on His Neck With...

A cop was seen on video stomping a handcuffed man's face and holding his boot on his throat and the officer was not punished at all.

Non-Verbal Autistic Child Tasered by School Cop, Left Lying in His...

A mother has filed a lawsuit after her autistic son was attacked by a school cop, tasered until he fell unconscious and left in a pool of his own urine.

Baltimore Cop Suspended After Horrific Video Showed Him Beat Innocent Man’s...

A Baltimore cop has been suspended after a viral video showed him savagely punching a man in his face until blood poured out onto the street.