WATCH: During Raid on Wrong Home Cops Kill Innocent Unarmed Dad—No...

After the story of how police shot and killed an innocent father during a raid on the wrong house died down, authorities quietly announced that no charges will be brought against the officer who pulled the trigger.

WATCH: Police Publicly Execute Mentally Ill Man ‘Armed’ With a Screwdriver

The body camera footage has been released from an incident in which police shot and killed a man "armed" with a screwdriver.

Video of Cop Beating 13-Year-Old Girl So Horrific, His Own Cops...

Body camera footage of a cop attacking an apparently innocent 13-year-old girl was so troubling that his fellow cops crossed the thin blue line to turn him in. He has since been suspended and charged with assault.

Disturbing Video Shows a Dozen Cops Corner Father In Homeless Shelter...

A father and husband in need of mental help was cornered by a dozen cops in a homeless shelter and executed as witnesses watched in horror. He was a threat to no one.
mentally ill

Cops Kill Innocent 84yo Woman While Trying To Kill Her Mentally...

Police fired a hail of bullets at a covered window in an attempt to kill a mentally ill man—but they killed his elderly mother instead and blamed it on the fact that they were both wearing red shirts.

WATCH: Cops Ruthlessly Beat Innocent Teenager, Causing Traumatic Brain Injury, Then...

Police officers were caught on video violently assaulting a teenager while arresting him, only to later admit that he had not broken any laws.
supreme court

Supreme Court Rules Cops Can Kill Non-Threatening People As Long As...

The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of a police officer who opened fire on a woman from a distance while she stood on her property, claiming he feared for his safety.

Taxpayers Pay $550K After Cop Savagely Beat Man on Video For...

Instead of holding the officer accountable who brutally beat an innocent man that he wrongly accused of jaywalking, the taxpayers of Sacramento were forced to shell out $550,000.

WATCH: Cops Mistake Epileptic Man’s Seizure for a Crime So They...

An innocent man had a seizure inside of a gas station and when police responded, they used tasers, punches, knee strikes, and baton blows on a man who needed medical attention.

Police Release Video Leading Up to Killing of Mentally Ill Man...

A mentally ill man in his 30’s was shot and killed by NYPD police officers after he refused to put down the pipe he was holding.