Disturbing Video Shows Cops Beat 15yo Boy, Knock His Tooth Out...

A non-violent 15-year-old boy, who was clearly not resisting, was brutally attacked and badly injured for allegedly possessing a pipe for smoking a plant.

Frightened Cop Tries to Kill Dog, Misses, Shoots Little Girl in...

A cop's fear of a mid-sized dog inside a family's home resulted in the cop firing a bullet which missed the dog and struck a 9-year-old girl in the head.
body cam

WATCH: Cop Removes Body Cam Then Shoots, Kills Unarmed Dad as...

A Kansas cop conveniently removed his body cam and left it in the cruiser just before shooting and killing an unarmed man who was complying.

Family Horrified As Unarmed Father Shot In the Head, Killed by...

A police officer in plainclothes chased a man in an unmarked car, and then shot and killed him when he claimed the man had his hand in his pocket.

‘Eat Boy! Eat!’: Taxpayers Shell Out $175K After Cop ‘Fed’ Man...

Taxpayers of Broward County were just held accountable for the vicious actions of two of their officers who forced a K9 to 'eat' two young men.

The Top 5 Most Disturbing Police Brutality Videos From 2017

Police brutality in America has gotten so rampant that it is no longer rare to see entirely innocent individuals being beaten or killed by US cops.
road rage

Cop Caught on Video in Disturbing Fit of Road Rage Trying...

A former deputy was arrested this week after surveillance footage showed him trap an innocent man in a gas station ben severely beat him in a fit of road rage.

In 2017, Nearly 100 Times More Americans Were Killed by Police...

While 2017 was one of the safest years for police on record, police killings in the United States have become an epidemic with no signs of slowing down.

Innocent Man Sues for $25M After Cops Accidentally Set Him on...

An innocent man who was set on fire and beaten by police who mistook him for a criminal is suing the department for $25 million.

WATCH: SWAT Team Goes To Innocent Man’s Home, When He Opens...

A disgruntled gamer sent police to an innocent family's home and when an unarmed man opened the door, a police officer killed him for no reason.