Police Brutality

Second NOPD Cop This Week Suspended for Domestic Violence, Beat & Choked Wife

The Free Thought Project John Vibes July 20, 2014   10-year veteran of the New Orleans Police Department Christopher Carter was recently suspended without pay after being charged with two counts of domestic abuse, including an act of strangulation. Nola.com reported that the DA’s office in New Orleans filed domestic battery charges against …

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17-Year-Old Girl Hospitalized After Being Beaten & Arrested for 10 P.M. Curfew Violation

“Neighbors came out and told [police], Please Stop! Please Stop!”   The Free Thought Project Matt Agorist July 20, 2014   A 17-year-old girl, honor roll student, cheerleader and lifeguard, with no prior record whatsoever, has been hospitalized after a run-in with Clairton, PA police. The reason for the stop …

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Wow! Who Knew Bill Maher Disliked the Police State this Much?

“The words on your car, ‘protect and serve,’ refer to US not YOU!” July 20, 2014 Regardless of your political views or affiliations, recognizing oppressive violence transcends party lines. The militarization of police affects everyone. Liberals, conservatives, tea partiers, libertarians, socialists, and anarchists agree….the police state is here. With tens …

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