WATCH: Cops Smell Weed on 16yo Boy, So They Beat the...

Two police officers claimed they smelled marijuana so they tackled a 16-year-old boy and proceeded to smash in his face.

Cop Charged for Horrifically Torturing Restrained Teen With Taser Walks Free...

Despite horrifying video of deputies strapping a teenager down and torturing him for hours with a taser, none of the cops are in jail.

WATCH: ‘Don’t Shoot Him!’: Cops Disobey Sgt, Shoot Two Unarmed Men...

A man was sleeping in the passenger seat of a van when two officers disobeyed their sergeant and began shooting him.

Six Cops Open Fire On Aspiring Young Rapper Sleeping in His...

An aspiring young rapper was tragically executed by six police officers while sleeping in his car in a Taco Bell parking lot.

‘Quit F***ing With Me Boy!’ Cop Attacks and Chokes Innocent Dad...

An innocent father who was holding his 9-month-old baby was racially insulted and then attacked by a deputy who was clearly ignorant of the law.

WATCH: Cops Accuse Innocent Woman of Stealing Her Own Car, Smash...

Police accused an innocent woman of stealing her own van and proceeded to handcuff her and violently assault her.

SHOCK VIDEO: Cops Torture Dad in Front of Kids, Taser Him...

A horrifying video has surfaced capturing a police officer torturing a man with a taser, hitting him 11 times, including in the testicles.

Cop Found Guilty After Video Showed Him Walk Up to Sleeping...

“The way the officer handled it was completely unprofessional,” the father said. “To assault a minor that is clearly asleep?”

Shocking Video Shows School Cop Punch and Pull Hair of 15yo...

A disturbing video shows how a school yard quarrel is handled in the modern day police state as a 15-year-old girl is punched and slammed into a table.

WATCH: Oath Breaking Cop Attacks Innocent Marine Vet for Filming Him

A cop became so enraged by a man practicing his first amendment right to film that he attacked him, handcuffed, and detained him.