Police Release Video Leading Up to Killing of Mentally Ill Man...

A mentally ill man in his 30’s was shot and killed by NYPD police officers after he refused to put down the pipe he was holding.

Video Catches Cops Drag Innocent Disabled Man From Home, Torture Him...

Police were caught on surveillance camera dragging an elderly, disabled man from his home and then beating him with a baton, taunting him, and covering his face with pepper spray.

WATCH: Cops Sexually Assault Innocent Man in Broad Daylight Because They...

Chilling video of police officers claiming that the smell of marijuana gave them the right to sexually assault an innocent man and then carry out that assault in broad daylight has just been released.

Graphic New Videos Show a Cop Try to Kill A Man...

A series of several body camera videos of a brutal police encounter that led to an officer being charged has just been released painting a disturbing picture of a cop nearly killing a man for improperly crossing the street.

Body Cam of Nazi-style Arrest of Innocent Teens Epitomizes Everything Wrong...

Body camera video of two cops stalking, harassing, physically assaulting, and then arresting two innocent men for no reason is infuriating and epitomizes why so man people distrust police today.

WATCH: Sacramento Cop Smashes Cruiser into Elderly Woman, Speeds Off

Dramatic cellphone footage captured the moment a Sacramento sheriff's deputy slammed on the gas and sped his cruiser in the direction of an elderly woman, smashing into her before speeding off.

WATCH: Body Cam Shows Cop Try to Stop Unarmed Man from...

Disturbing body camera footage was recently released showing a North Carolina cop dump 8 rounds into a unarmed fleeing man's car during a traffic stop.

After 2 Years And No Charges, Video Released of Cop Threatening,...

Two years after police killed Alton Sterling, the graphic body camera footage was released which was so disturbing that it led to the officer being fired.

3-Year-Old Girl Fights Off Cop Who Was Brutalizing Her Mom—Officer Arrested

A police officer lied about attacking his girlfriend and strangling her while her 3-year-old tried to fight him off, and he claimed the bruises on his victim's neck and arms were self-inflicted.

WATCH: Woman Sues After Cops Brutally Beat Her for Asking for...

The taxpayers of Broward County, Florida are going to be held accountable for the brutal actions of multiple officers who savagely beat a woman after she asked for a tampon.