free speech

WATCH: Police Tell Student Activists Their ‘Free Speech’ is Scaring Other...

A group of students was accosted by campus police for the presence of their "free speech ball," and told that it was scaring other students.
homeland security

DHS is Giving Colleges Millions to Stoke a Nation of Fear...

The Department of Homeland Security is paying millions of dollars to universities across the country to create "anti-extremist" tactics and content.

Jeff Sessions to Revive D.A.R.E. to Hook More Kids on Drugs...

Atty General Jeff Sessions wants to revive the D.A.R.E. program, despite multiple government studies proving it ineffective — it does help one industry though.

Scientists Warn Chemotherapy Could Spread Cancer, Trigger More Aggressive Tumors

A new study shows chemotherapy can cause malignant cancer cells to spread throughout the body — increasing the risk of fatality from the disease.

Tosh.0 Just Exposed a Dark Pedophile Channel on YouTube With Over...

A disturbing trend in user uploaded videos to YouTube has led to the creation of several sites, which appeal to children, but may serve as eye candy for pedophiles.

Scientists Now Testing ‘Vaccine’ to ‘Inoculate’ People Against Climate Change Denial

Two studies were recently conducted to test the effects of 'inoculating' people against believing information outside of the climate science consensus.

School Cop Grabs Gun, Tries to Arrest Straight-A Student — for...

For showing a little too much collar bone the principal had the school cop arrest this straight-A student. But she is no pushover.

Africa’s Auschwitz: Death Island, The Concentration Camp The West Erased From...

Most Americans are aware of the holocaust carried out by the Nazis, few know that Germany 'perfected' their concentration camps in Africa at Death Island.

7yo Autistic Boy Cuffed, Kidnapped By Police, Held for 6 Days...

A 7-year-old boy with autism 'acted out' in school — so he was handcuffed and kidnapped by police who then kept him from his parents for 6 days.

Extensive Study Shows People Who Swear a Lot are More Honest...

A recent two-part study found swearing, a lot, indicates that a person is more honest than their self-censoring tame-mouthed peers.