NY Times Forced to Issue Retraction After Calling a True Story...

After referring to the very real practice of the funding of terrorist families as a "far right conspiracy theory," the NY Times was forced to issue a retraction.

California Bill to Create Ministry Of Truth To Censor Alternative Media

A bill has been proposed in California that would effectively kill free speech by allowing internet censorship that targets everything the state deems as "fake news."

WATCH: Hero FL Survivor Exposes CNN Scripting of Town Hall Meeting...

A hero student from the shooting in Parkland, Florida has come forward explaining how CNN wouldn't let him ask his own questions and, instead, handed him a script to read—he politely refused to participate in their propaganda.

WikiLeaks Releases Proof of NY Times Colluding With Clinton’s State Dept...

A New York Times reporter was exposed colluding with the U.S. State Department by providing a timetable of upcoming publications during Cablegate.
white helmets

BUSTED: Video Appears to Show White Helmets Aiding Al-Qaeda Fighters

Members of the U.S.-funded White Helmets were recently caught on film allegedly providing medical aid to Al-Qaeda fighters in Syria.

Mainstream Media Caught Exploiting Children in Psy-Op to Sell War to...

The vile manipulation of children to promote pro-war propaganda is easily exposed in the case of Bana al-Abed — and the fame of a 7-year-old in American mainstream media.

Mainstream Media Journalist Tries to Troll WikiLeaks on Twitter, Assange Proceeds...

Investigative journalist Kurt Eichenwald was targeted by Wikileaks and provoked a rage-filled Twitter rant from the mainstream media's poster boy.

CNN Hires Top al-Qaeda Propagandist for Documentary, Fails Miserably Trying to...

Star CNN correspondent Clarissa Ward worked with the al-Qaeda 'media man' to produce a documentary and now they're trying to cover it up.

FOIA Docs Show CIA/Pentagon Made 1,800 Movies, TV Shows to Make...

Newly-obtained documents show the Pentagon and CIA have enormous influence over Hollywood — its pro-war propaganda must be accepted or the government packs its assistance and goes home.

Assange Just Exposed CNN Breaking the Law by Threatening Redditor Who...

CNN wasted no time in tracking down the Reddit user who used their logo in a Trump WWE video, and it is now threatening to reveal his identity.