BREAKING: Syria Accuses Israel of Bombing Airport, Vows to Retaliate

Minutes ago, Syria's state news channel announced that Israel bombed the Mezzeh Military airport, accusing Tel Aviv of supporting terrorism.

YouTube Censors Video Showing US Airdropping Weapons Into ISIS’ Hands

The same platform that hosts videos catered towards pedophiles, has pulled a video of the U.S. airdropping weapons to ISIS because it is "graphic content."

FBI Told the Orlando Shooter’s Ex-Wife NOT to Tell Media He...

It seems the narrative about the tragic shooting in Orlando has been forced.

Why We Have a 2nd Amendment: Venezuela Arms Loyalists to Eradicate...

After disarming all the civilians to make them defenseless, the government of Venezuela is now arming only its loyal citizens to quash dissent.

Obama Killed an American Teen in Yemen — Trump Just Killed...

Following in the extrajudicially murderous footsteps of his predecessor, Trump just killed the 8-year-old sister of Obama's victim in Yemen.

CIA Publicly Honors Massive Terrorist State — Proving Whose Side They’re...

A crown prince and heir to the throne in Saudi Arabia, which funds terrorism, just received a major counter-terrorism award from the CIA.

As Gov’t Fails to Prove Russia Collusion, Twitter Admits to Actual...

In a page out of Orwell's 1984, Twitter claims they had to engage in mass political censorship to stop outside actors from interfering in elections.

Russia Overtakes Saudi Arabia as World’s Top Crude Oil Producer

Russia has once again taken the crown from Saudi Arabia as the world’s biggest oil producer.

Mainstream Media’s Russian/Aide Story is Fake News by Their Own Definition

CNN and the New York Times published reports without any evidence Trump's aides were in contact with Russia — proving corporate media wields dangerous pro-war propaganda.

U.S. War on Terror Defined: Video Shows Opposing Groups Both Using...

Aleppo, Syria -- A recent video, apparently recorded just outside of Aleppo Syria and uploaded to Youtube, illustrates just how insane the US "War...