camp algiers

Camp Algiers: The US Internment Camp America Erased from History That...

Camp Algiers was an internment camp in the U.S. that used illegal methods to detain both suspected nazi sympathizers and Jewish refugees during World War II

Berlin in Lockstep with US — Planning ‘Center of Defense Against...

Following in the US' footsteps, Germany will create a center of defense against fake news — a purely fictitious problem — in advance of its elections next year.

Putin Sends Aircraft Carrier Group to Mediterranean as Syrian Powderkeg Poised...

Are Western imperial ambitions in Syria really worth the risk of an extreme escalation with Russia leading to the possibility of World War? Apparently so.

5 Shocking Facts About You That Anyone Can Find Online

If you're an American citizen, then the government has a personal file on you.

Pentagon Warns US Military and Economic Dominance Being Usurped by China...

A new report from the Pentagon shows the US could be surpassed by Russia or China in world domination as early as 2035.

Highest-Ranking US Intelligence Officer Openly Admits ISIS Wouldn’t Exist if Not...

America's highest ranking military intelligence officer, General Flynn, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, has just dropped a bombshell.

Ellen Plays by State Department Rules — Agrees to ‘Promote’ Hillary’s...

The extent to which the government advances its policy goals by using the Corporate Media has just been laid bare.

UK Intel Warned About Manchester Bomber TWICE, Did Nothing to Stop...

British authorities, including MI5, were notified about the terrorist intentions of Salman Abedi on multiple occasions and they did nothing to stop it.

U.S. Government Concedes to Putin After NATO’s Support of ISIS Exposed

W.H. stops demanding Assad's removal after news reports reveal West backing ISIS

Raining Down Fire — US Troops Using White Phosphorous in Iraq

US forces in Iraq are now using White Phosphorous, and officials "can't say" how many times it has been used.