If You Question the Establishment You Are Guilty of Espionage, Says...

WaPost's reporting on an arbitrary list of alternative media outlets as a coordinated Russian propaganda campaign is a dangerous travesty.
Brexit to Set Julian Assange Free

Brexit to Set Julian Assange Free — WikiLeaks Says EU Arrest...

Brexit to Set Julian Assange Free -- EU warrant used to keep Julian Assange exiled without charges will be scrapped by newly independent UK -- WikiLeaks.

Declassified CIA Docs Reveal Hitler Survived WW2, With Picture to Prove...

Declassified CIA documents suggest there were credible reports of Hitler living in Argentina that were left uninvestigated.

Israel Caught Illegally Spraying Toxic Herbicides On Palestinian Farms, Destroying Their...

Israel is being accused of destroying Palestinian crops by spraying excessive toxic herbicides that damaged both their food and water supply.

UN Finally Blacklists Saudi Arabia for the Wholesale Slaughter of Children...

The US-supported, Saudi-led coalition in Yemen has just been blacklisted by the UN for excessive child and civilian casualties.

Media Silent as House Passes Resolution for Syrian No-Fly Zone —...

Six lawmakers used a "suspended rules" procedure during the lame duck session to escalate the likelihood of all-out war in Syria.

State Dept. Says Syrian Al-Qaeda are Not Terrorists, Can Keep Receiving...

US State Department is failing to list the latest iteration of al-Qaeda as a terrorist organization — despite the group using the exact brutal tactics of ISIS.

Secret Nazi Military Base Code-named ‘Treasure Hunter’ Discovered in the Arctic

A secret Nazi-era tactical base has just been discovered by Russian researchers on the island of Alexandra Land in the Arctic Circle.

ISIS Jihadists Now Using Facebook to Sell Sex Slaves

Islamic State terrorists use Facebook to sell sex slaves to fellow jihadists, justifying the price by “supply and demand.”

EXCLUSIVE: Anonymous Strikes the Heart of the Empire — Takes Down...

One of the hackers in #OpIcarus sat down with the Free Thought Project to give us some insight into the recent attacks on the banking elite, which have taken down dozens of central banks across the world.