Ron Paul: Anti-Russian Campaign is “Fearmongering” to Hide Real US Crimes

In a recent interview, Ron Paul exposes the real agenda behind the Russian fearmongering — it is to control the narrative, so real issues are ignored.
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Poll Shows 85% of Americans Value Free Speech Over PC Censorship—Majority...

Contrary to what the mainstream media portrays, the vast majority of Americans support free speech rights over political correctness.

Court Rules Pointing Your Finger at a Cop is Illegal—Not Protected...

A disturbingly unconstitutional ruling from a Florida court just declared that pointing your finger at a cop is a crime and not protected speech.

America, Charlottesville Shows We Are Being Led Into a Civil War,...

Charlottesville proves how close we are to civil war in the US — and politicians want it that way.

Federal Court Rules Citizens Have No Right to Film Politicians &...

In a stunning departure from lengthy precedent, a federal appeals court has ruled citizens have no right to film politicians and police in public.

Global Crackdown on Parents who Refuse to Vaccinate Kids Has Begun—Punishment...

For better or worse, the debate over childhood vaccines rages on — but a crackdown on skeptics in Western nations now includes mandatory inoculation.

Microchipping Humans: First They Traded Freedom for Security, Now It’s Privacy...

RFID chips are in the news again, this time as employees volunteer for implants — but the chips' convenience lures more to implants before the impact on rights can be assessed.

Mainstream Media Journalist Tries to Troll WikiLeaks on Twitter, Assange Proceeds...

Investigative journalist Kurt Eichenwald was targeted by Wikileaks and provoked a rage-filled Twitter rant from the mainstream media's poster boy.

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US Lawmakers Seek to Throw Citizens in Prison for Decades if...

A new bill could make criminals of Americans who choose to boycott Israel — slapping them with 20 years in prison and up to $1 million criminal penalties for violations.