‘Show Dogs’ Movie Pulled from Theaters, Edited Amid Accusations it Groomed...

Producers were forced to apologize and pull the movie after "Show Dogs" was accused of including scenes that mimic the way pedophiles groom children.
new york

New York District Attorneys Disobey Immoral Law, Now Refusing to Prosecute...

Multiple district attorneys in New York have announced that they will refuse to prosecute people who police throw in jail for possessing marijuana as it is immoral and fosters racial disparity.

Hero Citizen Stops Mass Shooting in a Church, Cops Show Up...

A potentially deadly mass shooting in a church of 100 people was foiled this week by a hero citizen who then became the victim of trigger-happy cops who shot the wrong man.

Genius Girl Scout Sells Cookies Outside Marijuana Dispensary and MAKES BANK

A young Girl Scout proved her knowledge of the business world as she found her target audience in front of a marijuana dispensary and sold a record amount of cookies.

One Bad Apple? Half of An Entire Police Dept Suspended—Including the...

Half of the city's police force has been suspended, including their police chief, amid allegations of official oppression and evidence tampering.

Mike Tyson Revolutionizing Weed Industry—Building Cannabis Mega Resort & Research Center

Mike Tyson looks to revolutionize the marijuana industry as he breaks ground on a mega-resort for cannabis in Southern California.
world bank

Major Energy Paradigm Shift: World Bank Announces It Will No Longer...

In a significant policy change, the World Bank announced that it will stop funding most of its oil and gas exploration and extraction projects after 2019.

‘Lots More People’ Would’ve Been Killed if Texas Had Stricter Gun...

The local sheriff credited the "hero" of the massacre in Texas, noting that "lots more people" could've been killed if he did grab a gun and stop him.

BREAKING: Kevin Spacey Apologizes After He’s Accused of Trying to Sexually...

Kevin Spacey was accused by another Hollywood actor, Anthony Rapp, of trying to have sex with him when he was just 14-years-old. Spacey apologized in a Facebook post.

WATCH: Cops Show What Real Bravery Is As They Disarm Suicidal...

When two police officers encountered a suicidal man with a rifle, they endangered their own lives in order to stop him from killing himself.