UPS Workers Inadvertently Make Instructions on How Police Should Deal With...

Police officers should take a lesson from the delivery workers who have peaceful interactions with dogs every day.

State Passes Revolutionary Law To Let Elementary Students Have Access To...

After an 11-year-old girl secured the right to use cannabis to treat her seizures in school, her state passed a law giving all students the same freedom.

To Stop the Cartels, Mexico Strongly Considering the Legalization of ALL...

Mexico's incoming presidential administration is discussing plans to decriminalize all drugs, in an effort to stop cartel violence.

Karma? Poachers Eaten by Lions After Breaking into Game Reserve to...

At least three men who broke into a game reserve, armed with supplies to kill rhinos and poach their horns, were found mauled to death by lions.

WATCH: Cops Forced To Return $20,000 Cash They Stole From Stripper...

A Miami stripper was able to prove that police confiscated her "significant cash tips" during an illegal search and she became one of the few victories in asset forfeiture.

WATCH: Cop Called to Hardee’s to Remove Homeless Vet—Instead of Arresting...

When police received reports of a homeless veteran begging for money, an officer responded with compassion and bought the man a meal.

‘Show Dogs’ Movie Pulled from Theaters, Edited Amid Accusations it Groomed...

Producers were forced to apologize and pull the movie after "Show Dogs" was accused of including scenes that mimic the way pedophiles groom children.
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New York District Attorneys Disobey Immoral Law, Now Refusing to Prosecute...

Multiple district attorneys in New York have announced that they will refuse to prosecute people who police throw in jail for possessing marijuana as it is immoral and fosters racial disparity.

Hero Citizen Stops Mass Shooting in a Church, Cops Show Up...

A potentially deadly mass shooting in a church of 100 people was foiled this week by a hero citizen who then became the victim of trigger-happy cops who shot the wrong man.

Genius Girl Scout Sells Cookies Outside Marijuana Dispensary and MAKES BANK

A young Girl Scout proved her knowledge of the business world as she found her target audience in front of a marijuana dispensary and sold a record amount of cookies.