Compelling New Study Forces Mainstream Media to Report On Link Between...

"Perhaps we now have the putative link between vaccination and ASD, the link being the inclusion of an aluminum adjuvant in the vaccine."

Vaccine Co. Funded by PayPal Owner Caught Illegally Injecting People at...

A vaccine company funded by billionaire Peter Thiel was caught illegally testing a herpes virus on unsuspecting victims in Holiday Inn.

Second Mom in a Week Faces Possibility of Jail for Refusing...

A second mother in less than a month is now in the exact same court that just sentenced a mom to jail for refusing to vaccinate her son.

It Begins: Detroit Mother Sentenced to Jail for Not Vaccinating Her...

In the Land of the Free, the precedent has been set. Parents can and will be thrown in jail for choosing to not to vaccinate their children.

Court Sets Ominous Precedent, Tells Mother, ‘Vaccinate Your Son or Go...

In a state with legal vaccine exemptions, a well-meaning mother has been given an ultimatum by a court—vaccinate your child or go to jail. 

Landmark Study Establishes Link Between the Aluminum in Most Vaccines &...

A peer-reviewed study conducted by scientists at the University of British Columbia, has established a link between a popular aluminum vaccine and autism.

Bill Gates Funding MIT Development of Micro Implants to Automatically Give...

Funded by the Gates Foundation, MIT is developing a microparticle implant that will automatically administer vaccines over time in babies.

Global Crackdown on Parents who Refuse to Vaccinate Kids Has Begun—Punishment...

For better or worse, the debate over childhood vaccines rages on — but a crackdown on skeptics in Western nations now includes mandatory inoculation.

WATCH: Your Child ‘Belongs to the State’: Lawmakers Claim the State...

A Texas bill to speed up medical exams for foster children turned into a debate over who makes decisions for your children — parents or the state.

Mainstream Media Outlet Calls for the Execution of Anti-vaxxers

The media outlet, which is also a former arm of Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation, just said that anti-vaxxers should be hanged