The Free Thought Project – Episode #5 | Guest: Bill Ottman...

This paradigm shifting censorship free social media platform has been making big moves in the wake of the ongoing social media purge.

The Free Thought Project Podcast – Episode #6 | Dissecting The...

How was the establishment able to get most of the country to rally behind a mass murdering war criminal and celebrate him as a hero?

Podcast – Episode #7 | Guest: Roderick Talley, American Hero Defined

Roderick Talley is a one man army who is singlehandedly fighting the police state and freeing countless innocent people from this tyranny.

The Free Thought Project – Episode 8 | Examining The Power...

The government shutdown goes far deeper than just Trump clashing with the democrats over a wall.

Podcast – Episode #9 | The Weaponization of Getting You Angry

The establishment media is getting extremely good at turning entirely benign situations into polarizing issues to drive a wedge into society.

Podcast — Episode #10 | No Knock Raids & The Drug...

The war on drugs is responsible for violence and rights violations of epic proportions, causing the suffering of innocent people from sea to sea.