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The Free Thought Project is not only dedicated to bringing you the latest news in government corruption and accountability but we also know the importance of discussing potential solutions to the problems that plague society. The articles contained within this category all involve real life scenarios with proposed or working solutions. While some of them are simple stories of police brutality or government overreach, if they are in this category, inside the article is a possible solution to remedy that unique scenario. It is also important to note that the majority of the proposed solutions within this database involve solving problems without the state. Anyone can force a solution to a perceived problem on to the population using the threat of violence. However, it takes actual critical thought to propose ideas that society accepts voluntarily.


Scientists Warn Chemotherapy Could Spread Cancer, Trigger More Aggressive Tumors

A new study shows chemotherapy can cause malignant cancer cells to spread throughout the body — increasing the risk of fatality from the disease.

Meet the 12-Year-old Boy Who Was Murdered for Fighting Against Modern...

His actions led to companies getting exposed for using slavery and many children were freed as a result — but this made him a target.

Watch What Happens After A 13-Year-Old Boy Leaves “Public Education”

When conformity and rigidity are replaced with free thinking and innovation, the results can be quite stunning.

Revolutionary Bill Will Remove Incentive for Profiteering Cops By Giving ALL...

A proposed measure would require all fines from traffic tickets and forfeiture to be donated to charity, removing the incentive for police officers to issue tickets in order to generate revenue.

Heavily-Armed White Men Patrol Ferguson, ‘ready to confront authorities to defend...

Heavily-armed former and current members of law enforcement and the military have joined with the protesters saying, "We're on your side."

Colin Kaepernick Just Started a Black Panther-Inspired Youth Camp to Teach...

Colin Kaepernick just held a free youth camp to teach kids to be the change, and this was no publicity stunt.

Religious Doctrine That “Legalized” Columbus’ Native Genocide Went On To Become...

Few are aware of the religious doctrine that underpins the violent voyage of Columbus which has come to be part of US Federal Law.

‘Show Us the Tapes!’: Activists March on Mandalay Bay to Demand...

Dozens of activists gathered in front of the Mandalay Bay Casino Resort to demand police "show us the tapes" of Stephen Paddock inside the casino.

Lawyer Buys Backpacks Full of Supplies for Every School Kid in...

A caring Detroit lawyer just showed the world the astonishing power of one individual's kindness.
real unemployment

As the Establishment Celebrates July Job ‘Growth,’ REAL Unemployment is Outright...

To keep the public ignorant, the US government keeps the real unemployment rate hidden through a political magic act.