The Free Thought Project is not only dedicated to bringing you the latest news in government corruption and accountability but we also know the importance of discussing potential solutions to the problems that plague society. The articles contained within this category all involve real life scenarios with proposed or working solutions. While some of them are simple stories of police brutality or government overreach, if they are in this category, inside the article is a possible solution to remedy that unique scenario. It is also important to note that the majority of the proposed solutions within this database involve solving problems without the state. Anyone can force a solution to a perceived problem on to the population using the threat of violence. However, it takes actual critical thought to propose ideas that society accepts voluntarily.

Take that Islamaphobes — Syrian Refugees, Not Cops, Capture Terrorist Before...

A 22-year-old suspected of plotting a bomb attack, who was the subject of a two-day manhunt was overpowered and tied up by three Syrian refugees.

Iceland Just Did The Exact Opposite of What the U.S. Does...

In a move that Americans can only dream about, the Icelandic government just held 9 bankers accountable for ripping off the people.

Free To Good Owner: 5 Acre Animal Sanctuary, And You’ll Love...

This wildlife sanctuary in a tropical paradise can be yours, free of charge, as long as you care for hundreds of animals.

1,000 Lakota Sioux Children to Descend Upon Dakota Pipeline Protest Site

Some 1,000 Oglala Lakota Sioux youth hope to soon join the massive movement to protect water and stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota.

Police Theft So Out of Hand, State Just Passed a Law...

California's new law makes it impossible for police to steal your cash and property for themselves unless you're convicted of a crime.

Assange: WikiLeaks Will Publish Docs on Elections, Oil, War & Google,...

On top of damning evidence of government crimes, WikiLeaks just promised to release documents on war, oil, Google, and mass surveillance.

This is What they Were Afraid Of — Iraqis Use ‘Sue...

The Iraq group is seeking "an investigation over the killing of civilians targets and individuals who suffered torture at the hand of US forces."

VIDEO: Belligerent Cops Accuse Innocent Man of Breaking Into His Own...

This is what sitting on your own porch, waiting for your mother, looks like in a police state.

State Proposes Bold Law to Treat Pot Like Tobacco And Expunge...

Conservative lawmaker's new bill would legalize weed, making it available in convenience stores, and expunge convictions for certain marijuana crimes.

U.N. Report — Police Killings in U.S. are “Reminiscent of Lynching”

A UN report compares the problem of police killings in modern-day America to that of lynching in the past -- but they fall short on their solutions.