Chicago, IL — In the land of the free, if you try to help someone from freezing to death in subzero temperatures, you can and will be arrested and have your house stolen from you by state agents. A good Samaritan in Chicago is learning the hard way about the police state who is now forcing him to stop helping homeless people—or they will condemn his home and charge him.

When the brutally cold winter struck the Midwest last month, Greg Schiller did an amazing thing. This selfless individual opened up his empty basement to a group of homeless people who may have otherwise died sleeping out on the street. He offered them food, warm beverages, and cots to sleep on. He even provided the entertainment and played movies for them.

“I would stay up all night with them and give them coffee and stuff and feed them,” he said. What’s more, Schiller had a strict policy that no drugs or alcohol were allowed in his home.

This is Schiller’s second year of inviting the area’s homeless into his home. Last year, however, he let them sleep in his garage and even though it was sealed off from the elements, it was still too cold and EMTs were called to help a man with a heart condition. So, this year, he moved the same operation to the basement where it was nice and cozy.

Everything was going great this year until the state stepped in, however. Schiller was essentially told that even though he owns his home, he does not get a say in who gets to sleep in it.

“While we appreciate those who volunteer to provide additional resources in the community, Mr. Schiller’s house does not comply with codes and regulations that guard against potential dangers such as carbon monoxide poisoning, inadequate light and ventilation, and insufficient exits in the event of a fire,” city spokesperson Molly Center said in a statement—as if the homeless population is being forced to stay in this basement.

Once they found out that a good Samaritan would dare challenge their almighty dictate on “sleeping regulations,” the city sent in police with a warrant and told him to shut it down, or else.

“They shut me down and said I have 24 hours to return my basement to storage and take down – I have several cots with sleeping bags for everybody – or they’ll condemn the house,” said Schiller.

One would think that as this story began to get more coverage in the local press that the government would potentially back off due to backlash from the citizens. However, one would be wrong.

When confronted about the situation, Center issued a statement doubling down on Schiller’s 24-hour notice, adding, “If not, the City will take additional enforcement action to compel the removal of the unlawful basement sleeping area.”

Aside from essential theft of property via condemnation, Schiller says he was also threatened with a slew of citations. Citations—that would ultimately be enforced with police force.

“I’m trying to help these people get out of the cold,” he told NBC 5. “There’s not a lot of help for them as far as places to lay their heads.”

Sadly, however, the state would rather see the area’s homeless die—or create a burden on the already over-populated, taxpayer-funded shelters in the area—than allow good Samaritans to help them.

“Elgin has lawful shelters that provide a safe space for people to go throughout the year,” Center said in a statement. “In times of extreme temperature, temporary locations open within the community that all conform to regulations and codes.”

The area shelters, however, only open when the temperature drops below a certain threshold of 15 degrees or less. If they are one degree higher, these folks are out of luck.

“It’s cold enough to freeze to death,” Schiller said.

Sadly, because Schiller knows that if he opens up his home to those in need again, he will be cited and possibly lose his house, he is going to comply with the city order—albeit under duress.

How, exactly, will this inhumane ordinance affect those who were finding shelter at Schiller’s home? Well, according to Schiller, “Somebody’s going to die.”

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Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project. Follow @MattAgorist on Twitter, Steemit, and now on Facebook.


  1. “While we appreciate those who volunteer to provide additional resources in the community, Mr. Schiller’s house does not comply with codes and regulations that guard against potential dangers such as carbon monoxide poisoning, inadequate light and ventilation, and insufficient exits in the event of a fire,” city spokesperson Molly Center said in a statement—as if the homeless population is being forced to stay in this basement.

    This is so obviously a crock of shit! If they were really worried about all these “potential dangers,” then they would have sent a building inspector to look over the place. After all, don’t “respectable” non-homeless people live there year-round? Does nobody give a rat’s ass if THEY die of carbon monoxide poisoning?

    The fact that they’re suddenly caring more about the homeless than tax-paying homeowners is very, VERY suspect!

    • for sure!! it meets any and all things for him to live there with as many family members as he would want i’m sure but help someone less fortunate and omg were gonna condem your house these cops should refuse to aid in the political bs sounds like he may have ruffled a few feathers in city hall with out knowing it

      • …or he pissed of a neighbor with connections to city hall, some nose-in-the-air asshole who doesn’t want “those people” anywhere nearby.

      • Cops are nothing but tax paid thugs and gang bangers with a badge whose only purpose is to enforce our corrupt governments insane laws.
        They don’t give a shit about you, me or a dog or a child. Most cops are sociopaths or narcissistic. Anyone who chooses a career based on extortion, threats, kidnapping and oppression is wrong in the head.

  2. I’m curious what reasoning they used on a judge in order to get a warrant to go inside this man’s home. And what grounds would the city have to seize this home? These city commissioners have gotten a little to big for their britches. I think I’d be discussing this issue with a civil rights attorney.

  3. That is the stupidest statement I ever heard Does not comply with code rules so does death comply with the codes? Sounds to me like just plain ole don’t care about people . We want you to be in a house that complies with city codes but it is ok for you to freeze to death as long as you follow our rules. Just plain MEAN and cruel and unusual punishment in weather like that there should be exceptions , have you ever tried to get into a shelter? Of course not, I tried to get in to a battered women’s shelter many times we are all full up or they don’t answer the phone, homeless shelters have wait lines a mile long! You will freeze to death standing there! It’s Bullcrap!

  4. Time to start an underground network. Arrange for them to show up one at a time, 20-30 minutes apart. Need to get enough people involved that they don’t have the manpower to stop it. There has to be a way to defy these inhuman bastards. I believe that one’s home is their castle, and you can have the guests of your choosing in your own home. This story so thoroughly boggles the mind that it is hard to believe it could actually be true in America. Truly awful.

    • Good idea, if it can become popular quickly enough, just a handful of homes in most large cities, could become ‘too much of a headache’, for them to evilly ‘meddle’ with….

  5. How can anybody defend this country? How can anyone pledge allegiance? Any time someone tells me how lucky I am to be an American I want to bitch slap them. These are people who have ZERO worldly experience except maybe a stint in the Empirical wars in the Middle East which we caused and destroyed wonderful cultures and countries.
    I HATE THIS FUCKING COUNTRY with all my being. I love the lands, I love some but not most of the people. But it is a corrupt pile of steaming shit. There is more freedom in all of the other countries I have ever lived including what is considered 2nd world countries.
    This experiment called the USA ( corporation by the way) is going down and it will be hard. It will be at the expense of us with a soul. Of the working class that actually have critical thinking skills unlike Trump voters. Who don’t conform to cult like Evangelistic religion and whom are sick of the fucking lying rich pukes who ruin I mean run our country. Because we will fight back but we cannot win.
    FUCK THE USA is all I can say. There is no more excuses no more defense. Trump voter was the last straw. That pretty much just sealed all our fates and showed the true underbelly of this country and it is ugly and ignorant and dangerous.

  6. Profound malevolence, pathetically posing as ‘safety concerns’ . Another example of the fact, that power truly acts as a magnet, to exactly the sort of people who should never be allowed to wield it, as the overall sadistic needless cruelty behind their rulings is so obvious, I’d be surprised if anyone truly takes the city’s “concerns” seriously, this is just more of the same cowardly ‘logic’, that just seems to really want to kill the homeless, & sweep their corpses under the rug, rather than actually allow some random citizens to simply ‘help them out’ for free….
    & If they avoid the “shelters”, there obviously must be some spooky reason why, (I seriously don’t think for a second, it’s just simply the ‘no drugs or booze’ policy)….

    Chicago is not the only place where the police wage war on the homeless. Many other cities criminalize homelessness with fabricated and excessive charges and routinely abuse and fill their jails and prisons with them ‘usually just to fill their illegal quotas; whereby they receive inflated Federal funds. Guilty only of being homeless can land you in many prisons or jails and for many years. As is most of the U.S. today.

  8. How many adult family members could live in this house without being threatened with takeover by the local government? what if this guy had a large family and a dozen relatives became homeless, could he take his family in?

  9. Have to draw the line somewhere on fire safety codes. There is no difference between letting people sleep in a dangerous place for free than charging them rent to do it. If an immigrant had 10 members of his tribe living in such conditions there would be uproar. Good intentions but have to meet the building code requirements too.

    • Then the cops should just cite him with the certificate of occupancy requirement by giving him a deadline, so that he’ll have time to ask the public for help or get a temporary permit to do so. I’d be happy to donate an extra smoke/CO2 detector, fire extinguisher if that what it takes. It’s not that he’s having a party in his house and charging an entrance. What he does is being humane, and it’s a temporary/seasonal situation.

  10. What a load of crap and full of misinformation story posted here. Here is actual information about the situation for the homeless in Elgin


    a/ Not Chicago. b/ he was involved with the ministry that opens at 15 degrees and was forced to resign as refused to be responsible with donations once they were certified as a 5013c corp. c/ had no problems with the 10 (now 15 degree) temperature threshold when he was part of the ministry. d/ has no verifiable source of income but his Facebook page shows the guitars he buys. e/ no valid drivers license in any state since 1989 per the Illinois Secretary of State office. f/ refuses, in general, to work with the existing shelters to the point they will not work with him.

    All social service agencies in Elgin meet regularly to talk about what is going on in the homeless community and work towards solutions. The PADS shelter has a 73 percent success rate at getting those who choose to use the shelter into permanent housing and has case workers to help them get on their feet again. Elgin participates in the annual Point in Time survey of the homeless to count every head. Last year about 20 of them couldn’t be found, or counted. Those counts are needed for funding — they were likely in Greg’s basement. The police know who is on the street here. The police will drive anyone who needs it to PADS or to the emergency shelter — which desperately needs volunteers.


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