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Las Vegas, NV — Former Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) officer Richard Scavone pleaded guilty this week in federal court to assaulting a handcuffed woman in his custody. After the plea, authorities released the body camera footage of the assault. It is nothing short of infuriating and shows the level of violence a woman-abusing cop was willing to take to assert his authority.

Scavone now faces up to a year behind bars and a $100,000 fine on one count of deprivation of rights under color of law in connection with the encounter.

The encounter happened in January of 2015 after this abusive cop thought he had nabbed himself a prostitute.

The woman had done nothing wrong and was walking down the sidewalk drinking a coffee when Scavone attacked her for no reason. She was entirely compliant during the stop even though this sadistic predator kept abusing her.

“The hell you think you’re talking to?” he asks her in the video as he threatens her life.

After a brief radio call, this monster then asks his victim, “What else do you want me to do, tough guy?”

“Go ahead and take me to jail. That’s all I want you to do,” she replies, knowing that at any moment this maniac could kill her and jail is her only refuge.

“You got it,” he says, as he then puts his hand inside her bra and pulls out her personal belongings and sexually assaulting her in the process.

The woman was then arrested on false charges of littering. Once the truth came out, however, those charges were dropped.

Scavone is scheduled to be sentenced in January. Under a deal with prosecutors, he no longer can work as a police officer.

Below is the report from the Department of Justice.

According to admissions made in the plea agreement, on January 6, 2015, Scavone, 50, was working as an LVMPD patrol officer, and was accompanied in his patrol car by an LVMPD jail corrections officer on a ride-along. At approximately 5:00 a.m., Scavone and the ride-along encountered A.O., who was talking on the phone and holding a cup of coffee. When Scavone told A.O. to “move along,” A.O responded that she was waiting on someone and threw her cup of coffee to the ground. Scavone, who was wearing a body-worn camera that recorded video and audio, exited his patrol car and approached A.O. with a Taser in hand.


Scavone admitted that during the interaction with A.O., and while A.O. was handcuffed, he: shoved A.O. to the ground; grabbed her around the neck with his hand and threw her to the ground; struck her in the forehead with an open palm; grabbed her by the head and slammed her face onto the hood of his patrol vehicle; grabbed her by the hair and slammed her face onto the hood of his patrol vehicle a second time; and slammed A.O. into the door of his patrol vehicle.


Scavone admitted that he took those actions without legal justification and that he knew his actions were against the law.


Scavone faces a maximum sentence of up to one year in prison and a fine of up to $100,000.  Sentencing will be held on January 11, 2018.


“The U.S. Attorney’s Office is committed to protecting the civil rights of all Nevada citizens, regardless of their backgrounds,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Myhre. “The defendant took an oath to serve and protect with honor and integrity. Misconduct such as this will not be tolerated and those who break the law will be held accountable for their actions.”


“As Mr. Scavone realized today, no one is above the law,” said Special Agent in Charge Rouse.  “Law enforcement takes an oath to protect and serve our communities.  We are, and rightfully should be, held to a higher standard.  Every day, the vast majority of police officers in our community uphold that standard under difficult, dangerous conditions.  However, when law enforcement breaks that vow, they will be held accountable.”


After conducting its own investigation into Scavone’s conduct, LVMPD terminated Scavone’s employment.

Below is the body camera footage showing the damage one abusive cop on a power trip can inflict.

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Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project. Follow @MattAgorist on Twitter, Steemit, and now on Facebook.


      • not just revenue,but the perks also…lots of cops actually work for/with criminals such as pimps and loan sharks and dealers for extra cash,and the pussy,they can’t get laid because of the micro-penis effliction all cops suffer from,so they need it some way…why you think cops beat their wives,women say they are going to tell everyone about their little dicks and…POW….yup,fact people…just saying

        my sarcasm button is broke….

    • Having read the story before watching the video, it said nothing of her actually being a prostitute, is states that toolsack cop assumed that of her.

      • And the reason he thought that assumption gave him license to be an abusive dick is because society regards prostitutes as “criminals” and “nasty whores,” so they supposedly deserve whatever guys like this do to them.

        If she’d actually been a prostitute, do you really think anyone would care about her being abused by a cop? No, they’d just tell her “well, that’s what you GET.”

        • Yes some of us care very much. I do. Cops are the biggest threats to sex workers. Lots of taking advantage of criminalization to rape sex workers. Hell they sexually assault sex workers to arrest them.

          • “Some” is not enough, it would seem. You know I’m telling the truth when I said this would NOT be any kind of news story if she hadn’t been “innocent.”

    • I was profiled as a prostitute the time a deputy pulled me over at 3am going five miles over the limit on a deserted highway no cars in sight. I was dressed sexy. Right off the bat he was very hostile. It made no sense. I can’t prove it but I believe he profiled me as a sex worker. I was arrested that night and my vehicle impounded. I ended up losing that car because I couldn’t get it out right away and $85 a day fee added up quick. At the jail a black female cop was processing my property and pulled my car charger out of my purse and in a very nasty tone asked me “what the hell is this?! I replied calmly “where have you been? That’s a car charger” to which she replied “CAVITY SEARCH!!!” At the top of her lungs without missing a beat. Ego maniac insecure power tripping abusers become cops. They love putting their hands in people’s privates from what I can tell.

      • I made the mistake of speaking my mind to a cop once,
        cost me my FFL & my gunshop, not to mention $40K+
        in attorney fees.

        Really doesn’t make sense to be anything but nice to people who can maim
        or kill you without a second thought and likely never even be sent to prison for it

          • I thought she looked clean,
            but it’s hard to reason with some insane folks
            I wonder if this cop wasn’t just showing off a little for his new ride along pal

          • I hope to never forget my Granny saying “Oh Billy you don’t talk back to people who can hurt or kill you” (after the fact)–I never would have but I was in shock after they killed my best friend by getting lost–The cops guiding the ambulance didn’t feel any need to use their GPS and got everyone lost.
            Dr’s told me later there was no reason for the guy to have died–5 minutes sooner & he’d still be here… while these idiots drove around in circles looking for the scene

        • I can guarantee that if that happened to me, I’d go full Negin on some pig piece of shit…I don’t even care if it was the same cop.

      • Good to see a sex worker on a libertarian leaning website such as this. My advice is carry a gun and be prepared to use it. These scum need putting down. Stay safe.

    • Prostitution is legal in Las Vegas where this happened, and this lady was not a prostitute. Obviously he thought she was though, and felt he didnt need to treat her with any respect.

  1. Why no mention of the second officer on the scene? That sob is no different than Scavone and should be held accountable for aiding and abetting him.

      • The “corrections officer” there for a “ride-along” still could have SAID SOMETHING. And POLICE OFFICERS who STAND BY & DO NOTHING to stop BRUTALITY should be held accountable, too (at least SUSPENDED WITHOUT PAY).

      • He could have intervened to prevent the cop from doing what he did. If a you or I did that, we would be charged with being complicit in a crime.

      • If the second person would’ve keeled over from a bad case of pussy rot while on the ‘ride along,’ his death would’ve been listed as “Line of Duty” along with the rest of the fat fuck cops who collapse while directing traffic or swallowing another donut.

      • Who cares he could gave intervened for humanity reasons. Like what that fuck was doing was wrong. But like any other want to be a GESTOPO MEMBER he watched how it was done correctly with no consequences.Guess he learnt.

    • yeah maybe he should have just got him self killed sure if that makes you happy, it would not have made the situation any better for that woman.

    • then tax payers and victims should be suing the shit out of the unions as well for the bully abusin’ ‘blues’ pay & pension

  2. so sick of this shit.i haven’t been beaten but I have been profiled and im white! I have priors that go back 17 years yet I recently caught a case based on that alone. it is simple people, Cops more often create criminals than they actualy catch criminals. Please wake up!

    • I’ve been profiled several times by cops, given a false charge, two cavity search incidents in two different states 16 years apart, guns in my face twice. I have always been calm and if I had something to say (you better believe I did) I did it calmly. I think people who scream and yell at cops have every reason to want to- but it’s not smart. You are dealing with someone looking for an excuse to hurt you bottom fucking line.

    • isn’t it called ”micro-penis”,i believe all cops suffer from this,the badge goes on and the ”god complex” arrives to cover up the micro-penis problem cops have,thats why they get the big black plastic guns….the elite use symbolism you know…..

  3. unions destroy everything,cops help destroy what they destroy,cops are worthless scum,filth with a badge.why you think the call them road pirates…..yet another video to prove it.

  4. You state so many times that these wankers are supposed to work to an Oath, to protect and serve the people and the community. This wanker had no proof that this woman was doing anything but drinking a coffee and talking, where does that make her a prostitute ? Typical male cops fuckoff attitude, she’s out at this time, she must be on the game. What fucking crime had she actually committed? NONE !! what the fuck gave him the right to treat her like that and assault her, and to touch her person, no matter where the hell she kept her phone, keys etc, that is sexual assault as far as I see. She had every reason to speak to him the way she did, just because that bastard is wearing a uniform, does not mean he should be given respect, that wanker needs to earn it. And why the fuck does this bastard get to plea bargain and get a lesser punishment for what he did ? Typical wank off macho male, Oh I wear a uniform, and I should be respected cos I got a badge… Well big fucking deal little dick, your getting your ass busted, as you should.

    • It has a name, ‘contempt of cop’, which occurs anytime a police officer decides they are not receiving the level of respect due them/ their station in life
      I found out the name the hard way

      • It’s a job like any other, one that they chose to do, it does not automatically grant them the right to be shown respect for wearing a damn uniform. Nurses wear a uniform and I respect them a damn sight more than I would as asshole cop like this idiot.

  5. If this cop treats people like this on a ride along, he must be a real pos alone
    Anyone think he’ll really do a year in jail?
    Seeing this victim being mistreated makes me wanna smash something

  6. Amazing CRAZYTRAIN2 his white wigger punk a$$ keeps hiding….he is the literal enemy because he TRAINS WHITE c*nts to kill BLM members….

  7. ” in the car” ” what you’re going to do?” is the reason these mutha fuckas keep getting their heads blown off.. and I dont feel any sympathy about it. Now, I wonder how many more victims he did this to?

  8. It’s VERY common for police to harass, brutalize and rape women who work as prostitutes—and NOTHING is done about it. ANY woman (of ANY color/race) who lives in a neighborhood with a known “stroll” (street where “street prostitution” goes on) can find herself regularly harassed by police—no matter what she’s wearing. I speak from experience. From age, 18 to 30, in Dallas & Houston, I regularly ws hassled by cops asking me “What are you doing?” as I walked home from work–or from getting a bite to eat after work–after 10PM. It didn’t matter if I was wearing a dress or jeans, T-shirt & sneakers. I’d point out the bus stop where I’d come home from work every night & show my ID, saying I LIVE 3 blocks from here.” Luckily, I was never arrested or raped in any of these encounters (though after a traffic violaton arrest, the Houston cop THREATENED me with rape all the way to jail. I think what saved me was saying my father was a lawyer & that I was “shocked that a police officer would threaten a felony assault on me” (I was lying: my father was NOT a lawyer & I wasn’t shocked at all). I’ve knwn 4 woman raped by police: all of them white, none of them working as prostitutes and in”situations” as diverse as traffic stop, calling 911 for help with a prowler, arrested for small amount of marijuana & for being am anti-police brutality activist. I’ve never had any problem believing people of color when they talk about being abused by police. The “good cops” are a MINORITY: the rest are BULLIES & BYSTANDERS

  9. Looks to me like he was showing off for his ride along. Mr. Tough Guy gives all cops a bad name. I know many who would never be less that patient and polite but they get the job done. Attitude matters.

  10. Cop or not, if any man treated my wife that way, we’d have a serious problem. I’d have to find out where he lived and handle it like men!

  11. Why do the other cops that stand around and watch the civil rights violations take place not be held accountible? Their job is to protect and serve is it not? They are just as guilty as the offending officer.

  12. That cop is probably a serial rapist they’ve been looking high and low for. Men who enjoy brutalizing women are pretty predictable.

  13. I normally don’t believe in abortion but it is understandable since that experimental pig didn’t get the program of human values in it

  14. That piece of shit needs to be given the same abusive he inflicted on others. If that piece of shit ever crosses my path and tries that shit he’ll have his arms broken. The second patrol officer should’ve gotten fired or reprimanded he witness a citizen rights being violated she was assaulted the law was being broken and failed to do his job. He is not trust worthy to up hold the law should’ve been given a serious reminder he could lose his job if fails to ever up hold the law in the future.

  15. “Under a deal with prosecutors, he no longer can work as a police officer.” That statement means that this sorry fuck will walk scott free at his sentencing on 1/11/18.

  16. We are, and rightfully should be, held to a higher standard. BULL FUCKING SHIT. If a civilian had done this he would be facing 20 years for sexual assault.

  17. One year??! That’s it ??? But omg someone whose NOT a COP gets busted for possession of drugs gets 5, 10, or life sentences…!! Its back-asswards!!

  18. Well I hope that piece of shit cop goes to jail and pays the big fine and then I hope the lady sues him in civil and rapes his finances and possessions while the bulls in genpop are raping that cops ass!

  19. Hmmm funny how this incident is so terrible to so many but when someone like from other shithole countries or are black unarmed shot and killed. Then most will be on the side of the police no matter what was caught on tape.


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