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Tacoma, WA — On May 24, 2014, 15-year-old Monique Tillman and her brother were riding their bikes when they were stopped and this young girl was assaulted by Tacoma Police Officer Jared Williams.

Tillman and her brother had done nothing wrong, and were merely targeted by this ‘public servant’ because they had the unfortunate luck to have crossed paths with him.

As the duo traveled home, they cut through a mall parking lot, as they had done countless times before. However, this time, Officer Williams was in that parking lot, in his full Tacoma Police department uniform, yet off-duty, working as mall security. As the teens traveled through the lot, Williams began pursuit of these hardened criminals and accused them of trespassing.

Knowing they’d done nothing wrong, Monique attempted to explain to the officer that they cut through the parking lot all the time on their way home. However, this tyrant was having nothing of it.

As the duo attempted to ride away from a man whose intentions were clearly unscrupulous, Williams attacked. A recently released surveillance video shows the disturbing scene that unfolded next.

This heroic officer ripped the girl from her bike and slammed her up against a parked car with his hand around her neck. As the child struggled to breathe,  grabbed her by the hair and flung her around like a rag doll.

Clearly overpowering the small child, half his size, the officer wasn’t satisfied with the damage he’d inflicted so far. So, for good measure, Williams pulled out his taser and sent 50,000 volts into this poor girl.

“He was choking me, grabbed me by my hair and tried to slam my face into the concrete. The next thing I know, I’m on the ground being tased,” Tillman said.

Now face down, tasered, handcuffed and brutalized, Williams stood over his victim like a hunter and his kill. He had protected society from the likes of a dangerous brother and sister riding their bicycles.

Williams then arrested Monique and charged her with resisting arrest and, get this, assault on an officer.

After viewing the surveillance video of the incident, however, all of the charges were thrown out.

Vito de la CruzTillman’s attorney, has filed a lawsuit seeking damages from Officer Williams, the Simon Property Group who owns the Tacoma Mall and Universal Protection Services, the private security company in charge of Tacoma Mall security.

“A child riding a bike should not have to worry that a police officer will stop her without legal cause and brutalize her,” said de la Cruz. “Our communities are weary of another African American child being hurt by unwarranted and excessive police force.”

The Free Thought Project reached out the Tacoma PD to inquire about Williams’ current status and if any disciplinary action had been taken. However, our requests for comment were not returned.

Below is what policing in modern day America has become.


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Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project. Follow @MattAgorist on Twitter, Steemit, and now on Facebook.


  1. There was no probable cause to stop her. That is public parking lot. Any business that opens its doors to the public is considered a public establishment and anyone, unless duly warned before hand as in a court order not to go there, has the right to walk through or patronize the establishment. He illegally stopped her and detained her without probable cause. The supreme court has upheld the right to defend yourself against police brutality. He had no probable caused to stop her and she committed no prior offense to cause the stop. It is as simple as that.

  2. There was no law being broken. Also, no, the cops do not have a right to stop and detain you unless they have probable cause. Riding a bike through a public parking lot is not probable cause, in any way. Any time a business opens its doors to the public, anyone has the right to patronize it unless duly informed beforehand that they cannot. I doubt the store owners of this mall had went to a court and asked for a restraining order against two children from riding their bikes through the parking lot. Do not tell others about the law unless you, yourself, are not a complete moron Roxs.

    • Well, that’s what most cops are, you know. They won’t hire them above a certain IQ. Makes me wonder how they solve difficult cases. I guess that’s why they’re always trying to railroad innocent people, hmm? Like the Ramseys? Or the (god only knows how many) black men they purposely convicted on trumped-up evidence? Who do they promote to detective among all the low IQ cops?

  3. Where are you getting this “feral kids” argument? I rode my bike all around town as a child, I was never detained and violently assaulted. A child has a constitutionally protected right to patronize public places and not be assaulted. Being without a parent as a teenager does not change that right. Go attend another Trump rally would ya?

    • Seriously? Can you read? Can you see a question mark? I was asking someone else why they were calling these kids ‘feral kids’? I really dislike people who don’t take the time and trouble to read others’ posts clearly and properly. It’s a clear insult to the person whose post they are reading! I would NEVER in my life call a child feral!!!! In the first place, it would be illogical. Cats can be feral. A child? Ridiculous! Secondly, it would not be nice! A child can be a lot of things, ranging from very nice, depending on how they’ve been raised, to dangerous–but feral? NO!!!

      And if you will notice, most of the comments here are made to that woman who, apparently, has now removed the ‘feral child’, part of her comment. Nobody likes her.


      PS. I’m 73 and have been a (european style) socialist since I was 16. I come from a mixed family. You don’t get the name, do you? So I’ll fix that. It’s my daughter’s Ma Di-Hwa. Chinese. Tell me again about Trump-dump-stunk. My brother ran twice as a progressive democrat in his state. READ!!!!!

      If you look further down this page, you will find further reference to the ‘feral kids’ remark and will know definitely that it had NOTHING to do with me! Idiot!

        • Exactly! He just wanted to give them trouble because they weren’t white! I’m glad cops weren’t behaving like this when my kids were that age. My husband’s Chinese and my son has been mistaken for many ethnicities, including Mexican–by Mexicans! And he was always riding his bike everywhere!

  4. Everything you said started to seem sound. (seem) Except why did you have to go & assume that “they” are a Christian & show that as being in a bad light? WTH!? “Yea lets lump some people in with all of a certain faith.” (a lot of different one’s out there btw) & try not to come off appearing ignorant. Well to late, now you do & your creditability is just as shot as your assumptions. You sound just as bad as the person you were talking to. Wait I was wrong. The more I read your statement, the more I realize You were probably a scum bag cop also! (Now look at me assuming from your statements.
    “Because cops lie TOO MUCH for your liking?” How much is too much? When they only go after a certain group of color? Or when they get caught & you want to act like you were not a part of it? And going to work for the government sounds oh so much like a much better moral high ground to work from. (sarcasm noted) Also glad to hear how you were “Gentle” when kidnapping people. Makes all the difference.

    • Here I have 2 years of Law Enforcement training and I find out I was kidnapping ??
      It’s almost sounds like YOU don’t like the people that serve and protect you ?
      It’s called ” DETAINING and ARREST ” and I did not enjoy ruining some teens life when I was forced to let a school teacher go or a cop or a priest.
      I am also guilty of not liking right wing Christians that support the police and everything they do including rape and brutality.
      2% of all people in prison are innocent but who cares unless your one of the 2% ?
      I have volunteered to support PINAC where we do video’s that monitor police around the in the US and Canada.
      We just had a Detective filmed while he beat up one our journalists and the Detective resigned losing over a million dollars…..he will go to court and face a year in prison.
      Working on a case in Toronto were a cop and his brother beat the eye out of a black teen and framed him.
      Because of our work since 2011 ….50% …..of the public hate or fear the cops—–> because we exposed them so in 2013 they started to fight us with videos of cop saves kitten……cop dances…..cop sings…..cop buys kid a bike…..cop buys homeless man winter boots _____BUT___ I’m a strategist and I knew they were too late !!
      By then we had pushed our stories up to the media from You Tube from photographers like ” HIGH DESERT COMMUNITY ” 1 st amendment audits.
      We are drowning in corruption and police abuse today but I know how this ends for them and it doesn’t look good for them.
      The right wing Christian people that would let a cop beat you to death and blame you for it ……will eventually know the truth and it will set them free when their families are raped or killed by these MEXICAN Police we have.the blood ….Their have been many rebellions in history like the civil war right now between good people and bad….WE WILL WIN !!

  5. She and the cop both are probably white supremacists–and you know them. Anyone they want to beat up, well, they think they have the right! Too many of those people in the cops!

  6. Are you trying to say people shouldn’t ride bikes in mall parking lots? Gee, we’re trying hard to create the most unhealthy people in the world, aren’t we? In many european countries they have free bikes to use and ride bikes everywhere. In many Asian countries it’s the primary mode of transportation. My son and his wife bike every day and you wouldn’t believe how young they look and how healthy they are.

    • I’m saying that the cop escalated this bike ride into an assault when he could have left the bike rider alone.
      Was she on private property …..yes…..so this creates liability for the car lot and a verbal warning would have been enough not to return.
      The problem is that we do not hear the conversation and only see an unlawful assault by the cop.
      I grew up with mining Police that never bothered us unless we light the dump on fire or stole something……I later worked with them when I was 19.

  7. You really can’t. I spent 2 years trying to convert a woman who I know probably voted for Trump. I’d send her informative articles. Finally she accused me of lying to her? That was it! I cut the acquaintance!

  8. He ought to meet my granddaughter, mainly white, 22% Chinese. Say anything that makes her mad–whew! And she was raised in a 10,000 sq ft home. Of course, she does have mental problems.

  9. People today are afraid of police. My daughter’s a doctor, earns more than most people do. My husband has an excellent retirement but after reading so many stories of police killing completely innocent people–and that includes white people–I too am afraid of police!

    Sometimes they come to the wrong house. They threw a stun grenade that landed in a baby’s bed. They stop people for minor traffic violations and take their money from them under, I think it’s the RICO act, perfectly normal people–not criminals, college students, a Chinese man on his way to start a restaurant (he went to court and got his back).

    Cops rape women. They commit all sorts of crimes. Why wouldn’t anyone, especially a minority person, run away? My cousin didn’t run away. He was tasered, I forget how many times, then kicked and a rib was broken. He’s black–a minority.

    Begin to get it? If a person hasn’t committed a crime–they shouldn’t have to listen to a cop because that cop might beat up on them or kill them! And this was a kid! DO YOU REALLY EXPECT A KID TO BE THAT LOGICAL?

  10. And people like her don’t realize that our deranged cops have moved on from killing and brutalizing only blacks and other minorities to doing the same to white people also. I know so many examples. I read too much.

  11. Imagine what she’d be like in person, one of those people we see in the videos, screaming obscenities and hurling racial insults. Egad!

  12. Well, she might be functionally illiterate. Certainly she doesn’t read very much since after graduating HS or even college, most Americans never read another book in their entire lives. Also 50% of Americans read at or below (I forgot which) 8th grade level. One can not expect people like that to think rationally or to have much information on which to base decisions. Sad.

    Most republicans have no idea what they are talking about. They go by their ‘gut instinct’ which I have been assured is ‘just as good as knowledge’. Pardon me, I’m about to fall off my chair laughing.

  13. And she Absolutely was not trespassing , This Gastapo Thug beating and tasing a 15 year old girl is nothing but an out of Control BULLIE . He is just looking for a weaker person to display his authority, his power . A Danger to the public .

  14. So now you are saying that she stole something , Better get your head out of the sand lady , Next time this Thug might just pick you , put your face in the dirt , And you agree with this ???

  15. That is the problem with Cops in America now , Charges are always thrown out , They are never held accountable for what they do, And yes these SOB`S cause Good Citizens to kill good cops( If there is such a thing ) sometime . It`s their own fault because the ones that don`t do this type thing cover for the one`s that do .

  16. cops are desperate to participate in make believe rich secret societies they have lists of what they have done they get more points for children and babies or disabled


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