Image via Facebook. Cleburne, TX — A sickening video was uploaded to facebook in October of a Cleburne Police officer calling a dog towards him and then shooting it.

The video was from officer Kevin Dupre’s body cam which caught this gruesome act of animal cruelty.

Darryl Neathery, the person that originally uploaded this video to Facebook, said on his Facebook page that, “The CPD said the dog was being aggressive. I know the dogs personally, and I assure you they knew nothing about aggression.”

At the end of the video you can hear the police radio chime in as the officer is apparently about to report the death of this dog.

We do not know the events prior to this 22 second video, but from what we can see in the video, this was seemingly not self-defense. It looked like a sadistic “puppycide.”

The CPD originally released the following statement about the video.

The City is obviously concerned about the video showing an officer shooting a dog. As is often the case, the short video does not tell the whole story.

The officer was responding to a 911 call for assistance. Three dogs had pinned some residents in a vehicle. One dog was secured without incident before the shooting.

The officer was attempting to secure the other dogs until animal control arrived when one dog became aggressive.

The City of Cleburne takes the safety of our residents, their pets, and our officers seriously. This incident is currently under review.

The review will include interviews with witnesses and review of department policies. Once the review is concluded, any actions that may be warranted will be handled swiftly and appropriately.

The Cleburne Police Department is seeking the public’s help if anyone observed this incident, please contact the Professional Standards Unit at 817.556.8884.

Now, according to the Cleburne Times, an independent investigator has found that officer Dupre was justified in the shooting of Maximus.

The city is now revising their dog encounter policies for officers, as well as the city’s leash laws, and are pushing for legislation to require mandatory dog training for all law enforcement personnel.

The report was released Saturday during a press conference at city hall.

“We have a 28-page report,” Mayor Scott Cain said. “One of the most thorough reports of an investigation that I have seen. The long and short of it is that at the end of his conclusion he found that the officer did not violate any laws and that he was justified in the shooting.”

Below is the video: Warning Extremely Graphic

The family of the slain dog, ‘Maximus’ started a support page for the dog, called Justice for Maximus.

On the page they have posted photos, such as the one above which shows the calm demeanor of this dog.

You can see it here. Sadly, it seems that there will be no justice, for Maximus.



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