Cop Fired After Walking Onto Family’s Property, Killing Their Leashed Dog

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Lonoke, AR — As TFTP reported earlier this month, Dustin Evans, his fiancé Kathrain Lynn, and her children discovered on Easter morning that their beloved dog had been shot and killed while it was chained to a tree in their yard. According to the family, a deputy with the Lonoke County Sheriff’s office was the assailant. TFTP has since learned that the deputy who killed their dog has been fired from the department.

According to the Lonoke County Sheriff’s office, the deputy broke no law when he went onto the family’s property and killed their dog that was on a leash. However, according to a post on the Lonoke County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, “several policy and procedural issues were noted” in their investigation which led to the department terminating Deputy Aaron Humes’ employment.

In the post, the sheriff’s department claimed Deputy Humes was on the family’s property that day to “help” the dog. They claimed the dog had gotten tangled in the tree, so Humes untangled it. After untangling the dog, Humes claimed the leashed dog “lunged” at him so he “fired his service weapon,” killing the dog.

Had the deputy simply left the dog alone, it would still be alive today. Luckily for the residents of Lonoke county, Humes was fired, otherwise their dogs may one day receive the same “help.”

According to the statement, an internal investigation determined that no criminal actions took place.

 The sheriff was advised of the incident and with all use of force incidents he ordered a review by the Sheriff’s Administrative staff. After completion of this review it was determined that there was no criminal action or criminal intent by the deputy. However, several policy and procedural issues were noted. The recommendation of the administrative review was to discipline the deputy for these actions. The Sheriff terminated the deputy’s employment based on the totality of the incident. As with any employment issue no other details can be released. The Sheriff has always maintained the motto of “Do what’s right, not what’s easy”. While the deputy had no malice and was trying to assist the animal in this situation; there was an unintended consequence and this caused the solution to be worse than the problem.

The family can now take some solace in the fact that the cop was fired. However, that doesn’t bring back their beloved animal.

“How do you explain to your kids that their dog was killed on easter because a dumbass f*cking police thought he was above the law and came in my yard after being told time and time again that the dog will bite if nobody is home,” Lynn wrote in a heated Facebook post.

In a Facebook post Easter Sunday, Evans held no punches when calling out Deputy Humes for killing his dog.

This is the piece of sh*t that decided that it was okay to go into my yard killing my dog that was on a running cable with out a warrant or probable cause. Nobody was home. This officer deserves everything he has coming to him please share and make this asshole famous. This happened in lonoke county

According to Lynn they have gotten calls about their dog before — when he was off of his leash. She said that the deputies who have previously responded to the unleashed dog were able to deal with the situation without shooting their dog. But this time, when their dog was on a leash, the cop killed it.

It should also be noted that after the shooting, TFTP learned that deputy Humes failed to activate his body camera before going onto the family’s property as well.

Lynn said that a neighbor called police and asked them for Lynn or Evans phone number because she wanted them to put their dog inside. Instead of simply telling the family this, the deputy allegdly went onto private property and killed the leashed dog.

Lynn explained on Facebook:

Everytime the police have been on our road they always go to the persons house that called them first. The lady that called them where calling to see if she could get our number or if they would call us and ask if she could take him inside out the rain and they took if upon them selves to go over there and go in our yard with nobody home and try to walk up to him and shoot him because he was an aggressive dog… Even if he did try to bite he was protecting his home that’s his job and he was on a chain. To top it all off they called me after they shot him instead of calling and saying hey your nabor (sic) wants to know if she can take him inside

The original article we wrote on this story was shared over 40,000 times on Facebook, illustrating just how dear this subject is to many folks. Due to the backlash the sheriff’s office received from the coverage, they had no choice but to fire deputy Humes, illustrating the power of social and alternative media.

Below is a video TFTP put together to help get their story out.

Cop Kills Dog On Private Property That Was On Leash

This story immediatly went viral and is absolutely infuriating! ? We the people need to stand up and say enough is enough and demand cops still killing our pets which are our family members. Who is with us? Full Story: Join Us & Help: Police the Police 3.0 #PoliceThePolice #PTP #FilmingCops#CopBlock #CopWatch #WeCopWatch#PhotographyIsNotACrime #PINAC#Puppycide #StopKillingDogs #DogKiller#Lonoke #Arkansas #PoliceStateUSSA

Posted by Police the Police 3.0 on Thursday, April 16, 2020

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