WATCH: Cop Loses It, Kicks & Stomps Incapacitated Man in Medical Area for Knocking on the Door

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Manatee County, FL — Deputy Tyler LeMond, 21, appears to be an aspiring UFC fighter who likes practicing his knee strikes, elbows, kicks and stomps on unwilling inmates at the Manatee County Jail. His sick desire to train where he works, however, has since gotten the deputy fired, and potentially facing charges.

Obviously, this deputy is likely not training for the UFC but if you watch the video below, it certainly appears that way. And, when you consider why he applied such brutal and excessive force to his nonviolent and somewhat incapacitated victim, the act of firing him is not enough.

The savage attack against the completely non-violent man happened in the county’s medical pod on March 29, which is an area designated to help people who are detoxing from drugs. The punching bag, or rather victim, on whom LeMond took out his aggression, was in the medical pod after being suspected of misdemeanor trespassing.

When LeMond decided to take out his aggression on the 48-year-old man, the man was doing nothing except for knocking on the door. However, this knocking sent LeMond over the top.

According to WTSP, the sheriff’s office said LeMond and another deputy heard a loud bang from the padded cell in which the inmate was. They went to check on the inmate, and ordered him to get away from the door before LeMond shoved him hard enough that the inmate fell onto his back, investigators found.

As the video shows, LeMond barged into the cell, threw the man on the ground and began horrifically beating him. When LeMond filed his report over the incident, it was full of holes, up to and including LeMond lying about the man grabbing him.

The sheriff’s office says there were discrepancies, including:

  • LeMond wrote the inmate “grabbed onto my arm and attempted to pull me towards him. I used my open hands to palm checked (sic) [inmate] in the chest to create distance between he and I for officer safety.” But investigators say they found the footage shows LeMond entering and immediately shoving the inmate, writing, “no attempts to de-escalate or allow [the inmate] to comply are observed.
  • Later in the report, LeMond wrote, “he continued to resist my efforts by swinging his arms violently well (sic) thrashing his body around.” But investigators say that is clearly contrary to the video, “which depicts [the inmate] lying on his left side facing away from Deputy LeMond and against the wall, as one hand is held by Deputy LeMond and the other is outstretched in front of [the inmate] on the floor.”
  • LeMond also wrote he used “multiple discretionary knee strikes….in an attempt to gain compliance,” but investigators say the force of the strikes caused the inmate’s head to hit the cell wall, adding, “the knee strikes appear to be fashioned towards pain infliction, rather than as a distraction tactic as noted in his report.”

“In the following forty-two second struggle that ensued, Deputy LeMond struck [the inmate] with eight knee strikes, a closed fisted punch and a foot stomp,” the professional standards report found.

LeMond’s abuse and lies about what happen appear even more egregious once we realize that his 48-year-old victim was so weak and fragile that he was classified as a “fall risk.”

According to WWSB, investigators also questioned LeMond’s account of the need for force, finding that the 48-year-old inmate, who is 5′4″ tall and around 160 pounds, had a “practically nonexistent” chance of having a weapon, that the inmate had been checked on every 30 minutes for the past two hours and nothing out of the ordinary was noted, that the inmate was “not displaying any aggressive posture,” and the inmate was in the medical unit to detox and was classified as a “fall risk.”

Luckily, for the rest of the nonviolent offenders, classified as fall risks, LeMond was fired on April 24. Officials are now weighing the option over whether or not they will file charges over the attack. To the non-police apologist crowd, the idea of not charging LeMond for what’s seen in the video below, is nothing short of ridiculous.

“There is no place for this type of behavior in Law Enforcement,” Sheriff Rick Wells wrote in a statement. “It will not be tolerated at the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.”

We agree, and applaud the sheriff for firing LeMond. Now, however, he needs to charge him.

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