WATCH: Cop Loses It When Citizen Catches Him Breaking the Law—Video Gets Cop in Trouble

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Frankfort, IN — All too often, police officers — using their badges as excuses — break the same laws they are tasked with enforcing. This is especially true when it comes to speeding as everyone reading this has likely experienced a police officer blow by them with no lights on travelling down the highway. Well, one man in Indiana had a cop blow by him last week and he decided to do something about it—and it worked.

Last week, Jay County sheriff’s deputy Derek Bogenshutz was not on the way to an emergency and not on his way to investigate a crime, yet he was still driving erratically when he was spotted by Anthony Cunningham. Cunningham captured the deputy on camera weaving in and out of traffic, not using a turn signal, and driving nearly twice the posted speed limit.

The Free Thought Project spoke with Andrew who said he “followed him on that day because I noticed that he was blatantly breaking the law in his police cruiser. And I knew that if I didn’t do what I did no one would’ve done it and he would continue to abuse his power and become even more egotistic.”

“Somebody has to watch this guy because clearly he’s doing something he shouldn’t be,” Cunningham said. “We’re doing 50 in a 30, 60 in a 40. At one point in time, we get up to 90 in a 55. Like, that’s just insane.”

For nearly eight minutes, Cunningham follows the deputy as the lead-footed cop dangerously weaves in and out of traffic, most of the time without a turn signal, and greatly exceeding the speed limit.

Policing the police, just making sure somebody keeps him in check,” Cunningham said he was doing while taking the video. “You see him fly past me. He didn’t use a turn signal when he passed me.”

Cunningham followed the deputy for a while, capturing him on video breaking multiple laws and endangering the lives of several drivers. When Bogenshutz noticed he was being followed, however, he lost it, and pulled over Cunningham.

“The reason he pulled me over is was I flipping him off,” Cunningham said in an interview with RTV 6.

Deputy Bogenshutz: “What’s your problem?”
Cunningham: “Name and badge number.”
Deputy Bogenshutz: “You don’t need that. What’s your problem.”
Deputy Bogenshutz: “You’re going 90 miles an hour.”
Cunningham: “And you’re not?’
Deputy Bogenshutz: “Ninety miles an hour under the road.”
Cunningham: “And you’re not?”

Cunningham had no problem admitting he broke the law too and he takes full responsibility for it. But he was apparently willing to take that risk to catch a public servant abusing his authority.

“I fully accept that,” he said. “I know I’m in the wrong.”.

According to RTV 6, the deputy was driving through Frankfort, nearly 90 miles from Portland, Ind. where the Jay Count Sheriff’s Office is headquartered.

He wasn’t on a call and the department claims he was headed to training, apparently in shorts and a t-shirt. He also had a passenger in his car.

“He had no lights on. Nothing. Clearly, he had enough time, as you saw in the video, to pull me over,” Cunningham said.

Cunningham’s actions actually paid off and after he posted the video to his Facebook page, it forced the department to open an investigation.

Though he was not issued the citations for the multiple laws he was seen breaking on video, the deputy was given a reprimand that includes a five-day unpaid leave and a 30-day suspension of his take-home car privileges.

“He needs to be held to a higher standard than the average person would,” Cunningham said. We agree, but sadly, that did not happen.

Below are two videos showing both the power of filming cops and the reckless attitude held by many officers when it comes to obeying the laws that they will kidnap, cage, and kill you for.

Posted by Anthony Cunningham on Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Posted by Anthony Cunningham on Wednesday, May 22, 2019

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