Verdigris, OK — In instance after racist instance, police officers, unable to contain their racism and lust for violence, take to social media and declare their intentions. From calling for the murder of protesters to praising child abuse, it seems nothing is taboo for cops. And, as the case below illustrates, their tendencies to wear their racism as a badge of honor is likely due to the fact that they almost never face discipline.

This week, the Verdigris Police Department announced that one of their officers, Brandon Jarvis, will not be suspended or disciplined in any way after his Facebook account left a demeaning and racist comment on a post.

The post was about the recent NFL protests and how players were taking a knee.

The racist post was made in the comments of a post by another person who joked about hockey players “standing for two anthems.” The NHL added a rule in the 1980s that mandated the national anthems of both the United States and Canada be played before every game, reported the Frontier. 

“Precisely why I don’t watch NFL bunch of f–in overpaid greasy headed (expletive) expecting everything for nothing!! It would make my day to bitch slap the Jerry juice outta everyone of them’s hair!! F— em!! #sorrynotf–insorry” Jarvis’ account was quoted as saying.


According to the Frontier, the meaning of the particular racist slur used in the post is debated, but its origin is said to lie in the slavery era of the United States — it was used to describe slaves who would stand and sing under moonlight.

Once another Facebook user outed Jarvis as a cop with the Verdigris PD, he was asked about the post and told his superiors that it wasn’t him. He claims his account was hacked.

Naturally, no further investigation was required and Jarvis was allowed to continue working at the department.

Amazingly enough, the alleged hacker did nothing else to Jarvis’ account out of the ordinary, and simply took over his Facebook to make this one racist comment.

Police Chief Jack Shackleford noted that Jarvis would not be suspended but would receive “some personal counseling by me in the use of social media.”

“If he is saying that his account was hacked, I don’t have any evidence to substantiate either claim,” Shackelford told The Frontier.

This could’ve been easily solved with a quick call to Facebook—through the channels specifically created for police—to ask for the IP address from which the post was made.

However, instead of doing any sort of investigation into a potentially violent racist person whose job gives them easy access to act out their destructive desires on innocent people, with very few consequences, Shackelford took this cop’s word.

Seems legit.

Considering the history of racist cops on social media, this lack of discipline should not be surprising.

Earlier this year, a cop in Mason County, WV took to his Facebook account to post a picture comparing black Baltimore rioters with monkeys.

The post says, “Baltimore! Enough said” and shows a picture of African-American people protesting on top of a car, and underneath it is a picture of monkeys on top of a car.


Before him, there was now-former Officer Melissa Adamson, who was unable to control herself and went on social media to declare that she is the law—in a racist way, naturally.

“I’m the law today n**ga,” she wrote.

Also this year, the assistant chief of police for the Estherwood Police Department resigned after coming under public scrutiny after sharing a racist meme on Facebook that went viral.

The racist post featured a caption stating, “When your daughters [sic] first crush is a little Negro boy,” with a picture of a white woman forcing a little girl’s head underwater in the bathtub.

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Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project. Follow @MattAgorist on Twitter, Steemit, and now on Facebook.


  1. TFTP, earlier: NFL players have free speech rights to protest and shouldn’t be disciplined no matter how much the fans and viewers find it offensive!
    TFTP, today: Discipline or fire the racist cop for such offensive speech! He has no right to free speech!

      • No, but they do subsidize the construction of their workplaces – the stadiums. The NFL could refund all the money and pay full price for police presence, give up the ability to have the state take land BY FORCE for their new palaces as they did in Arlington, paying bottom dollas, but that would leave less for the players

    • as an employee of the state they aren’t subject to the constitution, actually. the Constitution protects citizens from the state, not the state from the citizens….

        • While they are on the clock, I would agree. Off the clock is another matter, but we have seen the libs get people fired for political contributions to legitimate causes – the Chairman of Mozilla being one prime example. That is his money and his time.
          If the libs can shaft someone for off the clock activity, then we can shaft these players for their on the clock activity. And Donald Trump did NOT waive his 1st Amendment rights when he was inaugurated.

  2. Personally I’d pay to see Opie attempt to “Slap the Jerry juice out of their hair” it would be one of the greatest A– whippings on video; how would I know, cause I’d film him getting the royal NFL beat down

  3. I have posted her before and those who have read my posts will I think agree that I have no tolerance for officer misconduct. However I have read statements that say this officer has no right to free speech. On the job, no he does not. He must follow the law and department policy. On his own time, he most certainly does, and I applaud the chief for recognizing this.

    In the interests of total transparency, I will say a friend of mine was fired by a taxpayer funded entity on the virtually anonymous (because they redacted it in the sloppiest cut and past job I have ever seen) say so of a man from Colorado who decided he was unacceptable for Texas (How this craven coward in Colorado has any say in Texas is beyond me). My friend actually saw the email before it was cut and pasted, by a pre-K student at best. This entity broke their own rules and the law to satisfy this SJW coward.

    If we as a public want our public servants to be deprived of their Constitutional rights, the same ones we so jealousy guard, then there is a legislative process or Constitutional amendment procedure where it can be clearly spelled out. I would say there would have to be substantial compensation for this deprivation of rights beginning with immunity from income tax, possibly tax-free forgiveness of all Federal student loans. Certainly they should receive payment for while they are not at work, since they are apparently subject to their employer’s whims off the clock. Expensive I know, but we are talking about taking Constitutional rights, not just a burger. Police departments, school districts etc are part of the government, funded by the taxpayers and subject to that pesky Constitution. Certainly their new status as second class citizens would have to be clearly spelled out and explained to them BEFORE they accept employment.

  4. Well, moon crickets is an interesting racist slur. I know if this was my dept, the officer would be fired. I am torn on this issue. I don’t believe this is a first amendment issue. People that claim that don’t understand the first a, which protects us from being criminally charged for using our freedom of speech. It does not, nor should it, protect us from personal and professional consequences for the things that we say. I have trouble believing that an officer that could say such things so blatantly, would not have some of that angst and bigotry bleed over into their professional life. It would be like me going to eat at a restaurant and everyone working there were rabid cop haters. I would not feel safe eating my food because there is a good chance it would be tampered with. Not with 100% certainty, but enough that I would either not eat there or would check my food carefully. I would probably avoid the place unless I can watch them make my food. And then, if they disappear to get something, let’s say tomatoes, and I can see a whole bin of tomatoes, I am pretty sure they are fucking with my food. It is the same thing with a bigoted fuckhead with a badge. If he is calling people moon crickets with a side of Jerry curl juice, do I think I am going to get a fair shake if I get pulled over by this guy and I am black? Probably going to expect a ticket, and even if I did something wrong, my perception is going to be that the ticket was due to race rather than the traffic offense.

    But we take things too far when we start punishing people for off color jokes or rants on social media. So I think a blatant race comment would tend to show that maybe this officer can’t be unbiased, but showing frustration with people blocking the roads during a protest does not necessarily have to be about race. Or making a comment about doing violence to someone does not mean that I plan to, or would even be capable of doing something. But picking out Joe smith that lives in my town and making threats toward him, is another issue. Facebook threats have to be pretty specific and extreme before I would investigate them. They would have to be posted publicly and directed at that person. If you have to come onto my Facebook page to read the threat, then probably not taking it too seriously.

  5. moon crickets?? in my 62 years I have never heard that one. then again, that’s one subject where some ignorance is bliss…

  6. The officer clearly didn’t make this comment since he said his account was hacked. We should always trust and believe the police. Besides calling someone an insect is hardly racist. When I was a kid blacks were Negroes, then Afro-Americans. Now they are African-American or just simply blacks. Everyone relax.


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