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Deaf Man Fined After Calling A Police Officer a "Pig" -- in Sign Language

A deaf man has been prosecuted after calling a using sign language to refer to a police officer as a "pig."

Kendal, England - A 25-year-old deaf man named Linley Hassan was recently fined for using sign language to call a cop a "pig" inside of a McDonalds. Oddly, the officer actually understood sign language and knew exactly what the man was saying to him.

“He was making a sign that the officer, who understood sign language, knew to mean ‘pig’," Prosecutor, Peter Kelly said. His defense attorney, John Batty, totally threw him under the bus, and didn't do a very good job defending him. Batty told the judge that “Hassan had a volatile existence of late,” and went on to paint his client as an alcoholic. Hassan was charged with being drunk and disorderly and was ultimately found guilty, being forced to pay a fine of £45, including court costs. Even if Hassan was truly being a jerk on the night that he ran into police, is that something that should be illegal?

If there is one thing that cops seem to hate, it is the word "pig."

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Recently, we have reported on a number of cases where charges were brought against people for using the classic insult on police officers. Just a few months ago in Massachusetts a woman was charged with disorderly conduct and malicious destruction of property after bringing a Dunkin Donuts box filled with raw bacon and sausage to the Framingham Police Department to “feed the pigs.”

Last Year, a 46-year-old father of four was arrested in Manchester for impersonating a police officer, because he was wearing a police costume with a pig mask.

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