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Wilmington, NC -- A former Wilmington Police Department Sergeant has come forward alleging that he was fired for trying to expose the corruption within the ranks.

Curt Stansbury wrote a letter to local media outlets earlier this week explaining the hostile workplace environment in which he worked and how trying to change it, got him fired.

"Today is a sad day, a day where justice, fairness and professionalism are far from being honored," the letter begins.

"Over 10 years ago I stood up for officers and citizens of this community when the Wilmington Police Department went into dismal spiral of low moral, corrupt behaviors and a good ole boy network that only advanced those on the in and harmed those who wanted the right."

According to Stansbury, an organization called Police Executive Research Forum conducted a study on his department's morale, organizational situation and the ability to effectively resolve crime. Stansbury says that PERF found the same discrepancies that justify his allegations against the department.

Last year, Stansbury says that he approached his chief to explain this corruption and hostile environment.

In June of 2014 I told the chief that the moral was the lowest that I have seen in 25 years and that officers were doing the minimal and a lot of in fighting was going on. I told him that rookies were being hazed and pressured to quit. I informed him that divisions were not communicating with each other and that the communication was at an all time low and that is cause of some of the violent crime issues.

Predictably, after Stansbury called out the corruption, he was attacked.

Shortly after this I was told that the Chief had made it open season on me and wanted to discredit me. He wanted to prevent me from going public and having creditability. After this my work life become tremendously stressful.

Stansbury then went on to pose a call to action for the citizens of Wilmington. He encouraged them to talk to the officers in the community and confirm his allegations. He asked them to report this information to elected officials.

This call to action is particularly courageous. Only an insane individual would encourage something like this if they weren't positively sure that they were in the right.

The Free Thought Project wishes Stansbury all the luck in his attempt to stand against corruption.

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The instances of "good cops" being punished by their departments seem to be on the rise. This year alone, we've already reported on several.

Earlier this week, the Free Thought Project reported on the whistleblowers from the Chicago police department whose very lives were threatened for trying to expose the corruption in their department.

This cycle of the "blue line" of protection can only persist for so long before there is no one left with enough courage to call out the corruption.

As Shannon Spalding, one of the whistleblowers from the CPD points out, this blue code of silence and punishment is already an unfortunate reality for most.

“It’s no secret that if you go against the code of silence, and you report corruption, it will ruin your career," Spalding said.

What happens once all the "good cops" are weeded out?

The short despotism.

When a group of people who hold a monopoly on the initiation of force, rid themselves of the only people willing to stand up for what's right, the only thing to follow will be wrong.

We are already seeing the early effects of such a vicious cycle materializing into a downward spiral of dystopia.

Until society can give up its addiction to violence and the use of violence to solve problems, the downward spiral will continue.

These corrupt and violent police departments and other government entities aren't some rogue group of criminals who've taken over. They are but a mere reflection of society as a whole.

If you really want to incite peaceful change, it starts with the person in the mirror. Sure, it's a bit cliche, but Gandhi was on to something when he said that you had to "be the change that you wish to see in this world."

True freedom starts within. We will not become free when the police state goes away. Instead, the police state will go away once we are free.