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Denver, CO -- On a daily basis, the Free Thought Project receives numerous stories submitted to our email about police brutality. Sadly, we are unable to report on the majority of these stories because there simply isn't enough evidence.

Without evidence, these countless victims of police brutality have an uphill battle when attempting to prove their injustices. Despite a proven track record of lies, deceit, and senseless violence the public continues to believe the police over the victims.

Of course, criminals will lie too and say that they didn't do anything to deserve being beaten by cops. But even when people really didn't do anything, the public almost never believes them. Even when police are caught on video, shooting unarmed men with their hands in the air, the public will side with the killer cops.

It is indeed a shame.

Up until recently, police in America had almost no chance of being officially charged with a crime. If they were charged, almost none of those officers would be convicted, and many of them would remain on the force.

Four women from Colorado set out to shatter that paradigm.

In July of 2009, four women were handcuffed and attacked by Denver cops. They were savagely thrown to the ground, beaten, and pepper sprayed, and they had done nothing to deserve it.

Naturally, the women filed a formal complaint with the department alleging excessive force, and naturally the public and the department believed the cops' story over the women's story.

However, two years later, video evidence would surface that proved the officers to be liars and thugs.

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According to their reports, the officers said they were attacked by these women and surrounded by a mob of people. But the video proved these claims were lies.

Once the video was made public, Officers Ricky Nixon and Kevin Devine were fired from the Denver Police Department.

The women were awarded $360,000 from the city, and the incident appeared to be over. Justice had been served -- or was it?

Almost immediately, after the public stopped paying attention, these known women batterers were reinstated and allowed back on the streets by the Denver Civil Service Commission.

For years, these brutal cops were allowed to continue carrying guns and place the public's lives at risk.

The four women were shocked. But they refused to let this injustice stand. In the face of criminals who would undermine the trust of the public and secretly reinstate these vicious cops, the women remained vigilant.

According to FOX 31,

After a decision made in Aug 2015, over 6 years after the incident, Ricky Nixon was officially fired. The other officer involved, Kevin Devine, quit in 2013.

The deciding officials cited several instances where Nixon made false statements about that July 2009 night.

Because of the perseverance of these four women, a semblance of justice was actually served. For now.