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Handcuffs are not for kids-- only for the bad guys.

May 6, 2014

second grader

Meet Kalyb Primm Wiley, who like most 7 year old boys. can be a little rambunctious sometimes.

Well last week, while Kalyb was acting like a typical kid, his school treated him like a criminal and placed him in cuffs!

WRCB News reports, 

"Some of the kids were messing with me," second grader Kalyb Primm Wiley said of what started the incident.

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He said after his classmates teased and taunted him, he started screaming but never got physical with other students or teachers. And when the teacher couldn't calm him down, he said a school security officer took him to the principal’s office like a criminal.

"We were halfway down the hall, he put handcuffs on and twisted my wrists a little," Kalyb said.

"I don't think any 7-year-old should be in handcuffs unless he was armed with a weapon, or violent," Kalyb’s mother Tomesha Primm said.

Of course the school is defending their actions by saying that the officer who cuffed Kalyb "followed proper procedure." Apparently handcuffs are actually standard operating procedure for security officers to use on unruly kids.

Kalyb’s parents want the district to re-evaluate their policy to make sure they don't treat young kids like criminals. They have taken him out of school and plan on moving their son to another district.