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Mike Steward

July 21, 2014

(Greenville, TN) -- During an Industrial Development Meeting at Greeneville Light and Power, US Veteran, Eddie Overholt was arrested.

Mayor Alan Broyles and board members were discussing a particularly unpopular decision. Up for debate was the option to submit a second application to TDOT that would allow a private company, US Nitrogen, to install and run wastewater pipes to the Nolichucky River.

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The decision would allow US Nitrogen access to free water as well as a free place to dump their wastewater, instead of reaching an agreement with the local water utility.

Being that the details of this decision were less than enthusiastically received by the townspeople, the Mayor and board members were not using microphones while they discussed them. Four of the board members were also sitting with their backs facing the public viewing area.

Like any concerned citizen would do, Mr. Overholt asked them to please speak up so he could hear the details. When he did so, Mayor Broyles sicked his uniformed goons on Overholt and he was placed under arrest and escorted out.

After he was escorted out, Overholt was forced to walk to the jail, despite having health problems. When he tried to sit down to rest, he was charged with resisting arrest.

Naturally, the citizens of Greeneville are up in arms about their corrupt government and this veteran's arrest. They are calling for justice for Overholt.