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Los Angeles, CA — An Uber driver in Los Angeles got a taste of revenue collection at its finest—or worse, depending on how you look at it—when he was illegally targetted by a police officer to be issued a ticket. Luckily for this driver, however, he was recording with his dash camera and it caught the officer in a bold faced lie.

The video is from an Uber driver named Derrick who was picking up a fare at LAX when he was pegged by an airport police officer as an easy mark.

The video starts as Derrick is driving up to the airport. When he gets to the proper pickup location—like everyone who picks up someone at the airport—he pulled in, put his car in park, and looked for the person he was picking up.

At 1:07 in the video, Derrick's car comes to a complete stop. Just 48 seconds go by before the officer makes the move to extort Derrick. He had not even been stopped for one minute, yet this officer was going to write a ticket.

How can the officer justify writing a ticket to someone who just pulled into the spot, you ask? He'll have to lie, naturally.

As the officer approaches Derrick's window to begin the extortion process, he makes the false assertion that Derrick has been parked in this spot for "eight or nine minutes."

"May I ask why you need my driver's license?" asks Derrick.

"Because I am going to issue you a citation for waiting," the officer says. The only problem was that Derrick had not been waiting.

Derrick tells the officer that he literally just pulled up. However, the officer could not have cared less. The officer was not going to back down from his asinine claim that Derrick had been there for eight or nine minutes.

The cop also couldn't have cared less about the innocent woman caught in the middle of his extortion racket who was being held up for nothing other than a ticket for the purpose of revenue collection.

"Why are you writing me a ticket, I don't want to have to go to court," Derrick says before the cop cuts him off. "There is no court," replies the officer.

"I feel like this is a money grab," Derrick tells the officer, and he was right.

"I just wanna do my job and send you on your way," the cops said, likely knowing that if he doesn't write 50 of those tickets a day he'll either be demoted or denied over time. 

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However, once it becomes known that Derrick was recording this entire time, the officer has a change of heart.

"By the way officer, I am recording this entire thing," Derrick says, revealing to the cop that his entire scheme had just been documented on video.

Once he realizes that his illegal citation was now caught on video, the officer then changed his tone, immediately.

"Are you gonna not write the ticket if I show it to you?" asks Derrick, who now has the upper hand.

"If you show it to me and it shows I'm making a mistake, then I won't write the citation," says the officer.

The video then ends and we can only assume that the officer did not write Derrick a ticket. Below is a video showing the power of recording cops as well as how cops are here to extort citizens.

Derrick pulls up to the airport around the 1:00 minute mark.

Police extortion in the US has reached epic proportions. It has gotten so bad that the Canadian government has issued a public service announcement for its citizens warning them that American Road Pirates, aka police officers, may very well rob them upon entry into the US.

Since September 2001 there have been 62,000 incidents of road piracy; resulting in a booty of over $2.5 billion, and that's just civil asset forfeiture.

Consequently, none of those 62,000 cases include revenue generated from arbitrary traffic 'laws' for victimless crimes, like the one Derrick was being extorted for. The total number of people who receive speeding tickets only, is 41,000,000 a year with an average cost of $152.00 each. That is 1 in every 5 licensed drivers in the US.

The total number of speeding tickets paid each year $6,232,000,000 which breaks down to around $300,000 generated per police officer for speeding alone. Tack on seat belt violations, license plate lights, window tint, rolling stop signs, and expired state-mandated documents and that number sky rockets.

It is literally highway robbery conducted on behalf of the ones who claim to keep us "safe."